Scholarship Winners

2020 Second Place Winner Christian Studies Scholarship

by Griffen Hotz Today’s America looks very different from the America of one hundred, fifty, or even just ten years ago. It seems there is a constant shift to relativism and a rejection of a common code of ethics and morality. This is taking its toll. Divorce rates are up.... Read More >

2020 First Place Winner Christian Studies Scholarship

by Jadon Funk Hello brothers and sisters! I would like to start by introducing myself and giving some background on Matt and Kathy Funk. Dad felt God leading him to California to find a church to lead. We arrived in Redwood Valley where he became a youth pastor for about a... Read More >

2020 Second Place Winner Excellence in Ethics Scholarship

By Meghan Flanigen When I think about the Latin etymology of pro bono publico, its meaning holds up to the hopeful ideals and aim of our legal system. A common translation of the Latin preposition, pro, translates to “on behalf of.” The recipient of the pro is, naturally,... Read More >

2020 First Place Winner Excellence in Ethics Scholarship

 by Allison Wick As a foster youth, I was exposed to the legal system at an earlier age than most young adults. Despite this history, my academic, volunteer, and work experiences have shown me that my professional goals are achievable through providing legal assistance to... Read More >

Excellence in Ethics First Place Winner for 2019

By: Alexander Albert The Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees to criminal defendants a set of fundamental rights intended to promote the fairness of criminal prosecutions. Among these entitlements possessed by any defendant is the “right to a speedy... Read More >

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