Attorney Referrals

Attorney Referrals & Mentorship Opportunities

Our attorneys at Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., accept attorney referrals/co-counsel opportunities in the following areas of practice: premise liability cases, auto collisions, truck accidents, on-the-job accidents involving no worker’s compensation or third-party claims, dog bites, and wrongful death claims. If you need local Texas counsel, or would otherwise like to refer a case to an experienced personal injury law firm, give us a call at (713) 932-0777. Attorney Paul H. Cannon also mentors new personal injury attorneys.

Co-Counsel Fees

Attorney co-counsel fees in Texas are governed by Texas Disciplinary Rule of Professional Conduct 1.04.  Under 1.04, an attorney may split fees with an attorney in another law firm so long as the fee charged is not unconscionable, and either the split is in proportion to the work performed by each lawyer, or the attorneys assume joint responsibility for the handling of the matter. Additionally, the client must consent in writing to the fee-splitting arrangement and be fully informed of the lawyer’s identities, how the fees will be divided (i.e. the percentage of fee each shall receive), and whether they are assuming joint responsibility or dividing based upon work performed. This can be accomplished by adding a simple addendum to the client’s contract that the client reviews and signs.

Local Counsel in Houston, Texas

At times we are asked to act as local counsel for attorneys appearing by pro hoc vice.  We are open to discussing said arrangements on a case-by-case basis.

Texas Lawyer Mentoring

Paul H. Cannon has given back to the legal community by acting as a mentor for many new attorneys learning personal injury law as well as some students seeking to become attorneys. If you would like to bounce a case off of him for ideas or even discuss how to manage a personal injury practice, please feel free to contact him. There is no charge for this. if you have a case that you would like to work alongside a local experienced personal injury attorney, give us a call. We are open to discussing co-counsel agreements.

If you have any questions regarding case referrals or mentorships, call us at (713) 932-0777.