Houston Bicycle Riders Are Still at Risk During Pandemic

A lot has changed around Houston since March of 2020. Overall traffic has decreased due to stay-at-home orders and more businesses moving to remote workforces to weather the storm. You would expect a reduction in traffic to result in fewer serious bicycle accidents.... Read More >

Understanding the Truck Driver’s Duty to Secure the Load

Sometimes even a property secured load requires escort vehicles as an extra precaution. A commercial truck driver is responsible for many things when they climb behind the wheel. One of the most important is making sure to secure the load. A shifting load in transit may not... Read More >

The Flood of Houston Business Interruption Claims

2020 has been a unique year indeed. The COVID 19 outbreak has resulted in a significant decrease in auto accident claims due to fewer drivers on the road as a result of multiple stay-at-home orders being issued and businesses shutting down or moving to remote workforces. Some... Read More >

Houston’s Interstate 45 Has a Killer Reputation

Interstate 45 is just under 285 miles long and connects Galveston to Dallas. It has always been known for two unique things: it is the shortest of all the Interstates and the only Interstate Highway to be completely contained within a single state—making it the only intrastate... Read More >

Houston Mail Carriers Need Your Help Reducing Dog Attacks

For three years running, Houston has held a title given by the United States Post Office that we should be absolutely embarrassed about—Dog Bite Capital of America.  While many cities have seen a decline in the need to hire a dog bite attorney due to an attack, dog bite... Read More >

Hit-and-Run Accidents are All too Common in Houston

Hit-and-run accidents are a weekly and sometimes daily occurrence in Houston and the surrounding areas. According to a report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Texas ranks number 8 in states with the highest number of hit-and-run accidents nationwide. Over 2000 people... Read More >

Why I Mentor | Paul Cannon | Simmons and Fletcher, P.C.

A Short Job Interview When I was in my third year of law school, I responded to a blind ad for a law clerk that was posted on a job board at South Texas College of Law. I went in for an interview and the interview went like this: “Thank you for coming, Mr. Cannon. I have... Read More >