Johnson and Johnson Plagued with Lawsuits and Verdicts

The 8 Billion Dollar Verdict On October 8th, 2019, a Philadelphia jury ordered Johnson and Johnson to pay over 8 billion in damages and punitive damages to a man who grew breasts after taking Risperdal.  While spokespersons for the company have indicated they feel confident the 800 billion that represents punitive damages will be thrown […]

The Gilead Antitrust Lawsuit vs Mass Torts Lawsuits

The Gilead Antitrust Lawsuits Gilead has been sued by numerous plaintiffs across the country in a alleging that the company was aware of a safer alternative to their popular HIV treatment drugs including Truvada at the time they started marketing them.  The Truvada class action lawsuits over the safer alternative, however, are only one set […]

What is Vicarious Liability?

Vicarious liability is a legal theory of liability that imputes liability from a negligent actor to another person or company for whom the negligent actor was acting on behalf of.  It is important in cases where the negligent actor does not have sufficient insurance nor assets to adequately compensate the victim of his negligence. In […]

Insurance Company Defenses as Seen on TV

There is absolutely nothing amusing about a serious injury. These victims must deal with excessive medical bills, unimaginable pain and suffering, and other such issues. So, attorneys who handle car accidents work hard to resolve these claims as favorably, and as quickly, as possible. But attorneys cannot help but laugh at some of the ways […]

SMIDSY Motorcycle Crashes

Recently, a motorcycle rider and passenger en route to another motorcycle rider’s funeral never made it.  According to witnesses and Harris County Sheriff’s deputies, the wreck occurred on Highway 90 not far from the Sam Houston Parkway. A tow truck pulling out of a gas station tried to merge with westbound Highway 90 traffic. But […]

Johnson & Johnson Faces Criminal Probe Over Talc-Asbestos Link

As civil claims and regulatory actions against pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson continue to pick up steam, a federal grand jury may turn up the heat even more. A Waxhington, D.C. grand jury is investigating allegations that J&J knew its talcum powder was laced with asbestos, but did nothing about the problem. Company officials admit […]

General Motors Fights Takata Airbag Truck Recall

For those who thought the long-running Takata defective airbag saga was over, think again. The automotive giant once again asked the National Traffic Safety Administration to cancel a planned recall of over six million trucks and SUVs.  GM’s lawyers first made such a request in 2016, less than a year after it originally agreed to […]

The Medical Misdiagnosis Crisis and You

Although most doctors insist that medical misdiagnosis is not a serious problem, according to one study, misdiagnosis occurs in about one in five serious illness cases. That error rate is unacceptably high, especially given the lofty standard of care that underpins doctor-patient relationships. A personal injury attorney may be able to obtain substantial compensation in […]

What to Know About Pedestrian Accidents

Perhaps the first thing to know about pedestrian accidents is that they are not “accidents” at all. These incidents may have been unintentional, but they were not inevitable and unavoidable. People accidentally spill milk and lose their car keys. They do not accidentally cause vehicle collisions or run over pedestrians.  Negligence law is built on […]

Excellence in Ethics First Place Winner for 2019

By: Alexander Albert The Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees to criminal defendants a set of fundamental rights intended to promote the fairness of criminal prosecutions. Among these entitlements possessed by any defendant are the “right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury”; the right “to be informed of the […]

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