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Do you need additional Uber/Lyft Rideshare Insurance?

Most people do not anticipate being involved in a car accident, especially when they are not the ones driving. Today, there are thousands of individuals who choose to use rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft, rather than their personal means of transportation. Passengers have up to $1 million in coverage for liability and underinsured/uninsured motorists […]

Investigating the Texas Oversized Load Truck Accident Case

Every-now-and-then, you hear about a truck that tried to go under a bridge but struck the bridge because the oversized load was too tall or it was so wide it didn’t fit between the bridge pillars. In addition to severely damaging the truck and bridge, this often winds up with other innocent motorists being injured […]

18-Wheeler Accident in Cypress Near SH 249 Involves 13 Cars

On Saturday, an 18-wheeler accident in Cypress, Texas, occurred after an 18 wheeler drove through an embankment and crashed into 13 vehicles on a southbound feeder road. At around 11:30 a.m., the Harris County Sheriff’s Office received a phone call about the accident, and reported that the 18-wheeler had traveled off State Highway 249 before […]

Houston’s Worst Traffic Accident – What Did We Learn?

42 years ago this month, a truck driver lost control of his vehicle on the 610 West Loop. That’s hardly a rare occurrence, but circumstances that day combined to create an incident local news stations still call the worst motor vehicle accident in Houston history. The truck was a tanker truck, carrying 7000 gallons of […]

Fatal Bicycle Accident Raises Questions, Controversy

When a bicyclist was killed in a collision with a dump truck near Rice University in April, police were quick to tell reporters at the scene that it appeared the cyclist might have been at fault. But, it rapidly became clear that the situation was much more complicated. Public protests and op-eds once again drew […]

Kuraray American, Inc., Faces Lawsuit Following Pasadena Plant Explosion

Pasadena Plant Explosion On Saturday morning, a chemical plant explosion in Pasadena, Texas, resulted 21 injured workers. Investigators with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration were at the plant after the explosion and the Pasadena Fire Department Marshal’s Office pinpointed the cause of the explosion to a pressure valve failure. The fire occurred at around […]

Supreme Court Upholds Corporate Use of Individualized Arbitration, Barring Class Action

In a controversial 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court decided Monday that employers can use the arbitration clauses in employee contracts to restrict their workers from joining together in a class action suit. Forcing workers into individualized arbitration rather than letting them come together as a collective group makes protesting issues like wage concerns, employment discrimination […]

Negligent Drivers Aren’t Always Cited after Traffic Accidents

On the evening of March 6, a negligent driver merging from Yale Street into the westbound lanes of the North Loop hit two motorcyclists. Both bikers survived, but one motorcycle burst into flames upon impact, and the other cyclist was hospitalized. News reports shortly after the accident suggested that the driver had likely been speeding, […]

Coastal Health and Wellness Hepatitis / HIV Investigation Update

Back in March, we reported on an investigation regarding the possibility that patients of Coastal Health and Wellness (CHW) might have been exposed to infectious diseases, including hepatitis C and HIV. The Galveston and Texas City clinics suspended many services after an onsite survey by The Joint Commission revealed problems with the facility’s sterilization processes. […]

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