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Texas Parents May Be Liable for Negligent Teenage Driver Accidents

A Houston teenage driver is facing a felony charge of “failure to stop and render aid” after fatally striking and killing a homeless man in late October, then fleeing the scene. The 16-year-old driver hit the pedestrian as he crossed the street near Gessner Road and Westview Drive. While any fatal accident is shocking, this […]

Valsartan Recall News

Since July 2018, the FDA has been investigating negative side effects associated with pharmaceuticals containing the active ingredient valsartan. Their investigation began with a voluntary recall which was issued in response to the finding of the carcinogen N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). A carcinogen is a substance or exposure that can lead to cancer. In September, the FDA […]

Why Can’t I Find a Medical Malpractice Lawyer to Take My Case?

Unfortunately, many victims of medical malpractice in Texas find themselves in a bad situation with no one to help. Several laws aimed at doing away with legitimate medical malpractice claims were passed by the Texas legislature in the past 15 years under the guise of “Tort Reform.” While the television ads and vast amount of […]

Jackknifed Truck Accident Kills 1 Injures 6

One man lost his life and 6 others were injured yesterday morning when a minivan collided with a jackknifed 18-wheeler. The Rig had been involved in a previous accident that left the rig jackknifed and partially blocking traffic. The collision occurred in Willow Park Texas, just west of Fort Worth. Duties of Truck Drivers Involved […]

Filing for Divorce as a Victim of Domestic Violence

Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. is proud to feature this guest post from Houston family law attorney, Bryan Fagan. Bryan is not affiliated with Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. but has granted us permission to share his knowledge of another area of law with our clients via this guest blog post: Filing for divorce as a victim […]

Why Vape Pens Explode and How to Avoid E-Cigarette Injury

You’ve undoubtedly heard horror stories or seen viral videos involving vape pens that exploded or caught fire, often seriously injuring the user. Some users have even been killed by exploding vape pens. We’ve reported in the past on the growing number of vape pen lawsuits that have emerged due to exploding batteries. The e-cigarette industry […]

Houston Traffic Apps

Resources for Houston Drivers With over 2 million people living in the City of Houston, it is no surprise that traffic can become overly congested very quickly. Whether it is construction, bad weather or reckless drivers, if there is heavy traffic on the road, there is a way for you to know about it. Below […]

Stalled Vehicles are Much More than an Inconvenience

Nobody wants to experience a stall on the road, or to encounter a stalled vehicle in traffic. However, most people don’t think of breakdowns as potentially fatal. Rather, they tend to be associated with delays, frustration, and perhaps costly repairs. In fact, a stalled vehicle presents a significant risk, both to the occupants of the […]

Proton Pump Inhibitor Lawsuit Update

Ongoing Proton Pump Inhibitor Litigation In June 2018, the plaintiff’s counsel for the ongoing Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) MDL No. 2789 tolled the statue of limitations, give them more time to investigate the factual basis of PPI kidney injury claims. The details of the agreement can be found in the official court filing, linked above. […]

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