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EpiPen Deaths Illustrate Dangers of Medical Device Manufacturing Defects

Medical devices have revolutionized healthcare in many areas, allowing people who would have been incapacitated or even died in an earlier era to live long, relatively healthy lives. However, as new devices move rapidly through research and development and out to the public, the potential for error is significant. That risk is greatly increased if […]

Valero Oil Refinery Explosion in Port Arthur, Texas.

9/19/2017 Shortly before noon, a large boom followed by huge billowing clouds of black smoke rising into the sky was reported this morning coming from the Valero Oil Refinery located in Port Arthur, Texas. Authorities report that a heavy oil storage tank had exploded on the site. Which came first and the cause of the […]

Arkema Chemical Plant Explosion Claims

The recent Arkema chemical plant explosions in Crosby, Texas added to the chaos and stress in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Area residents were evacuated from their homes as dangerous chemicals burned. As plant management stood by and determined that the best course of action was to let the materials burn out, information about violations, […]

What is a MIST Claim?

MIST is an acronym that means “Minor Impact Soft Tissue.” MIST is a classification used by some insurance adjusters to designate an automobile accident insurance claim that involves minimal visible damage to the claimant’s vehicle and a “soft tissue” injury. What is Considered a Minor Impact? Whether an impact is classified as minor by a […]

Back to the Basics: Swimming Pool Safety in Texas

Never Leave A Child Unsupervised Around Water Drowning statistics are eye-opening. According to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services: Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children under five. Drowning can happen in almost any amount of water – this year children have drowned in septic tanks, lakes, bathtubs, ponds, bays, […]

Texas is Among the Most Dangerous States For Pedestrian Accidents

About 13 pedestrians are killed by motor vehicles every day, and a disproportionate number of those fatalities occur in Texas. According to a 2017 report from Smart Growth America and the National Complete Streets Coalition, Houston is the 15th-most-dangerous metro area in America for pedestrians. Texas as a whole comes in even higher, at number […]

What is the Difference Between First-Party Insurance vs Third-Party Insurance?

What is First Party Insurance? First-party insurance is insurance that is purchased to cover the named policy holder (“insured”) against damages or losses suffered by the policy holder to his person or property. The policy holder may be a company, an individual or group of individuals of a particular class (such as employees of a […]

So You Think You Have Enough Underinsured Motorist Coverage? Think Again.

How Much Underinsured Motorist Coverage Do You Really Have? Texas law allows insurance companies to arbitrarily deny your underinsured motorist claim without fear of repercussion. Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UIM) is extra insurance you buy so that if you get seriously injured by someone carrying a policy that does not have sufficient limits to cover all […]

Texas Supreme Court, Extends Some Statutes of Limitations and Fee Deadlines, Allows Out-of-State Lawyers to Practice Temporarily in Texas and Relocates Aransas County Court

Texas Supreme Court Advisory 8/31/2017 The Texas Supreme Court issued the following advisory Wednesday, August 30 regarding Hurricane Harvey-related emergency orders. HARVEY-RELATED EMERGENCY ORDERS Amended, additions The Texas Supreme Court has amended orders relating to problems created by Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath, amending one to allow out-of-state lawyers to practice temporarily in Texas and adding […]

Speeding Drivers Kill Thousands Each Year

Speed kills: about 30% of traffic fatalities nationwide involve at least one driver who was speeding, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Still, a significant percentage of U.S. drivers speed on a regular basis. Nearly half of respondents to a 2016 AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety survey admitted that they had exceeded […]

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