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Commercial Truckers are at High Risk for Workplace Injury and Death

Commercial trucking accidents are dangerous for obvious reasons. Because commercial trucks are so large and heavy, the occupants of the smaller vehicle are much more likely to be injured or killed in a car-commercial truck crash. However, the fact that truck drivers fare better in collisions with smaller vehicles doesn’t mean that they’re safe—on the […]

What You Need to Know About Thiamine (Vitamin B1) Deficiency

Thiamine deficiency a/k/a Vitamin B1 deficiency can have very serious health consequences if it is not caught early.  It is the cause of disease such as Wernicke-Korsakoff Encephalopathy. Thus, you would think doctors would be very cautions about looking for this and catching it early. Yet, we have seen several cases where the vitamin B1 […]

Houston Bicycle Laws and Safety

Riding a bike is a great way to exercise, travel and create lasting memories with your family and friends. For whatever the reason you may go bicycling, the law clearly states that bicycles on the roadway are considered vehicles with the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicles. Bicyclists are required to obey all traffic […]

Houston Drivers Failed at Driving on Icy Road Conditions

Most Houston-area drivers aren’t accustomed to snow and ice on the roads. And, cities in areas where snow rarely falls don’t have equipment and supplies at the ready, as northern communities typically do. So, it’s no surprise that when the area was faced with freezing rain, sleet, and snow in January, the Houston Police Department […]

Wright Containers Faces Felony Charges for Dumping Toxic Chemicals in Houston

On Friday February 2, a Houston container company was indicted for dumping toxic chemicals into the city’s storm drains. Wright Containers, along with owner Ronald Wright and general manager Gregory Hance, are each facing two counts of intentional water pollution and one count of improper disposal and storage of hazardous materials. The Office of Harris […]

Minor Motorcyclists and Passengers Must Wear Helmets in Texas…But Don’t

Like most U.S. states, Texas allows adult motorcyclists to make their own decisions about whether or not to wear a helmet. In Texas, a motorcycle rider aged 21 or older is exempt from the motorcycle helmet requirement if he or she completes an approved Motorcycle Operator Training Course and carries appropriate medical insurance coverage. However, […]

Hazmat Accidents Increasing on Texas Roadways

According to the Houston Chronicle, the Houston area saw more than 1,000 heavy truck accidents in 2017. Large truck accidents alone are cause for concern, but in some cases, the risk associated with a crash reaches far beyond the surrounding traffic. In 2017, about 10% of local large truck accidents involved hazmat incidents. What is […]

Pursuing an Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Claim in Texas

When you purchase uninsured and underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage, you’re securing an important safety net. There are approximately two million uninsured drivers on Texas roadways and many, many more carrying minimum liability coverage. That means the chances of being in a serious car accident and learning that the responsible party’s insurance won’t cover your medical […]

You’re Better Insured Riding With Lyft or Uber vs Taxicabs

When you travel do you take a taxicab or hop a rideshare like Uber or Lyft to get around? Those who pick taxicabs as their preferred mode of transportation often site government regulation and background checks as their reason. Those who cite Uber or Lyft typically cite the cheaper cost for the same basic service. […]

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