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Does My Dog Need Canine Liability Insurance?

You almost certainly have liability insurance for your car, and perhaps your business. Though you may not realize it, your homeowner’s insurance policy probably contains a protection against liability for injuries that occur on your property. In short, liability insurance is a staple of modern life. But, chances are good that you’ve never considered the […]

What is Dry Drowning?

Everyone understands the importance of water safety, especially when it comes to younger children. However, the importance of water safety after leaving the water is not always emphasized. This lack of education can cause parents to be confused and fearful of their child’s well-being after leaving the water. Due to the rare, tragic stories of […]

What Claims Does a Passenger in a Car Accident Have?

Passengers involved in automobile accidents are in a very unique position compared to those who are drivers.  Because of the way liability is determined in traffic accidents in Texas, passengers have potential claims against the drivers of other vehicles involved, potential claims against their own driver and potential claims against their own insurance company. Furthermore, […]

What Constitutes a Minor Impact Collision?

The phrase “minor impact collision” is a phrase used by liability insurance adjusters to describe an automobile accident where the visible property damage to the vehicle is such that it either cannot be seen by the naked eye or appears to be indicative of a low velocity collision.  Any collision in which the physical damage […]

Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. Proudly Sponsors Walk MS Houston

This weekend, Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. will attend the last of three Walk MS events in support of the National MS Society. Serving as the world’s largest private funder of Multiple Sclerosis research, each year the National MS Society hosts more than 500 Walk MS events with over 300,000 total participants. Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. […]

Harvey Highlights Houston Hazardous Chemical Risk

Following Hurricane Harvey’s late August landfall, the Houston area and many other Texas communities were faced with another problem: exposure to hazardous chemicals. While these leaks, spills, burns and explosions were triggered by the extreme weather, they also served to shine a spotlight on the ongoing risks faced by many Texas residents. Hazardous Chemical Exposure […]

Marketing Defects Can Kill: The Texas Weevil-Cide Case

If you’re not in the legal profession, the idea of a marketing defect lawsuit probably sounds strange—perhaps even frivolous. However, marketing defect suits aren’t about ineffective marketing or overselling a product. Marketing defect claims arise in a product liability suit when failure to provide adequate warnings or instructions for safe use results in harm to […]

On-the-Job Concussions Impact More than NFL Players

Over the past few years, the news has been filled with reports about the dangers National Football League (NFL) players, professional wrestlers and others face from repeated head injuries on the job. Earlier this year, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), which was once believed to present a risk primarily to boxers, was discovered in 110 of […]

Will My Auto Insurance Rates Will Go Up If I File a Claim?

Whether your insurance rates will go up when you file a claim depends upon a number of factors including: what type of claim you file, who is at fault, your driving history, the insurance company you are with and the amount of the claim.  Even if your rates are raised, however, you may be able […]

What is a Friendly Lawsuit?

A friendly lawsuit is a lawsuit filed between two or more parties in order to ask the Court to appoint a guardian ad litem for purposes of approving a personal injury claim settlement for a minor.  It involves a minor plaintiff and their next of friend, a defendant and a guardian ad litem. Legal Capacity […]

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