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Sharon Chris and PaulDrunk driving is a serious problem in Texas. In fact, 25% of all fatalities from car wrecks in Texas were the result of a drunk driving accident. That was 1,090 lives lost due to drunk drivers. If you or your loved one was a victim of a drunk driver’s gross negligence in getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated, you need a serious drunk driving accident lawyer. As the presenting sponsor of the Harris and Montgomery County Walk Like MADD since 2020, Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., is proud to stand up for victims of drunk driving accidents across the United States.  Call the drunk driving accident lawyer, Houston has known and trusted since 1979. When we take your case we work on a contingency fee basis. This means that there are no upfront costs to you, no charge for the consultation, we front the litigation expenses and we only get paid our attorney’s fees and reimbursed for our expenses if we make a recovery for you. We take on the risk.  Sound serious enough to you? Call us for your free consultation with a dui accident lawyer, today at 800-298-0111.

What Avenues of Compensation Can a Drunk Driving Accident Victim Pursue in Texas?

Drunk driving accident victims may pursue the following avenues of compensation after a drunk driving accident:

  • Restitution. As a part of the criminal prosecution, the district attorney may ask the court to award restitution. Restitution is generally awarded as money to help cover medical expenses. It can be beneficial to talk with the district attorney and provide copies of any medical bills that you incur.
  • Crime Victim’s Compensation. Victims of certain violent crimes, including DWI, are eligible to apply for and receive compensation for certain costs and losses under the Texas Crime Victim’s Compensation Fund. To be covered, the crime must have been committed in Texas, you must not have been a party to the crime, and the victim must be a United States resident. You have 3 years from the date of the crime to apply.
  • Civil Personal Injury Claims. Victims have the right to hire a civil personal injury lawyer to bring a lawsuit against the drunk driver and in some cases, against the other parties like bars and night clubs that were responsible for over-serving the drunk driver. Unlike the above avenues, there is a wide variety of damages that you may seek when you file a civil personal injury lawsuit against a drunk driver which includes things like pain and suffering, scarring, future medical care, physical impairment, lost wage earning capacity, and punitive damages.
  • Child Support. The surviving minors of a person killed by a drunk driver are entitled to be awarded child support payments from the drunk driver if he is ultimately convicted of intoxication manslaughter. (Law applies to intoxication manslaughter convictions after September 1, 2023.)

Bringing a Civil Lawsuit After a Drunk Driving Accident

If you have been injured in a drunk driving accident, don’t delay in reporting the incident and filing an accident claim with a Houston personal injury lawyer. In Texas, the statute of limitations for these crashes is two years – meaning you have that period from the date of the incident to file a lawsuit. After the immediate shock of a crash has subsided, it is critical to contact a Houston car accident attorney with years of experience in personal injury cases. Your attorney can help you understand your rights and who is liable for all types of damages, including physical and emotional losses.

In drunk driving car crashes, the inebriated motorist is liable for all resulting injuries sustained by the other party. However, the victims of drunk driving accident cases still need to take the necessary legal action to receive financial compensation. You have a right to file a personal injury claim, and may also file an insurance claim with the drunk driver’s insurance company. However, as a disclaimer, do not make a statement to their insurance company until you have consulted with personal injury lawyers you can trust.

A drunk driving accident lawyer in Houston can also tell you if you may be able to hold any third parties liable in your case through direct or vicarious liability, such as:

  • The business that served alcohol to the inebriated driver, like a bar or restaurant;
  • Any individual that unlawfully served the driver drugs or alcohol, if said driver was a minor;
  • The drunk driver’s employer, if the accident occurred within the scope of their work.

We understand that sifting through legal jargon and dealing with insurance companies can be an added stressor to an already difficult and traumatic experience. That is why every Houston drunk driving accident lawyer at Simmons & Fletcher, P.C. is committed to serving our clients with promptness, compassion, and skill. If we work your case after your free consultation, we can help you understand your rights, who is liable for your accident, and what damages we can try to recover on your behalf.

Steps to Take After Being Injured by a Drunk Driver in Houston

After experiencing an auto accident, it is understandable to be in shock and not promptly take the steps to protect yourself and your legal rights. However, if able, the following steps can be helpful to preserve evidence and strengthen your case:

  • Seek Medical Care. If you have been injured and require medical attention, that should be your first priority. If EMTs are at the scene, follow their advice. Depending on the extent of your injuries, accept an ambulance ride or find your way to a hospital as soon as possible.
  • Assess the Driver. Take note of and, if possible, document the driver’s state of impairment. Is there visible evidence or signals of intoxication like stumbling or slurred speech? Do you smell alcohol on the driver or in their car? This information can be useful to include in the police report.
  • Contact Law Enforcement. Call the police immediately so they can perform the Houston Police Department’s Standardized Field Sobriety Testing. The Houston police officers may also collect evidence and initiate the procedure for a criminal case if necessary, all of which can help you in a potential lawsuit.
  • Talk to Witnesses. If another vehicle or motorist was affected by the crash, or if someone witnessed the collision and remained at the scene, collect their contact information and statements.

After you have spoken with the police and addressed any injuries, call a dui accident attorney in Houston for a free consultation and the next steps you should take.

Why Hire Simmons & Fletcher as Your DUI Accident Lawyer?

We never defend drunk drivers for their criminally reckless conduct, period. Simply put, our Houston dui accident lawyers take drinking and driving very seriously. This is why we chose to become the presenting sponsor for Mothers Against Drunk Driving’s Walk Like MADD Houston fundraiser.  See our interview with Casie Harris of MADD.

man with questionsFrequently Asked Questions

What Damages Can a Houston Drunk Driving Accident Attorney Recover?

A Houston drunk driving accident attorney may seek a wide range of civil damages on your behalf including:

  • Medical expenses for current or future care, such as physical therapy;
  • Lost wages from missing work;
  • Loss of earning capacity for future employment;
  • Emotional pain and suffering;
  • Decline in quality of life;
  • In-home caregivers, medical treatment, or modifications for disability;
  • Scarring and disfigurement, and;
  • Punitive damages.

In addition to these areas for potential compensation, a Texas law introduced in 2023 dictates that those convicted of intoxicated manslaughter can be held responsible for paying child support to any children of deceased parties. Even if there is a surviving parent or guardian, the drunk driver involved in the fatal accident may be still required to pay child support. While these drunk driving cases are tragic and offer little emotional resolution, new laws are a crucial step in handing down the appropriate justice and accountability to intoxicated drivers.

To learn exactly what damages you can seek compensation for, get in touch with an experienced Houston drunk driving accident lawyer for a free case review.

What is Bentley’s Law?

Bently’s law is a law that requires a person who is found guilty of intoxicated manslaughter while operating a motor vehicle to pay child support to any surviving minors who were dependants of the victim.  Bentley’s Law went into effect in Texas in September of 2023.

What are the Consequences of Texas Drunk Driving?

Depending on the specifics of the incident, a drunk driver can face criminal charges and civil charges in a drunk driving lawsuit. A criminal charge for driving under the influence can lead to severe consequences. If a Houston drunk driver is convicted of DUI or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), penalties include hefty fines, jail time, and having their driver’s license suspended. The range of penalties depends on prior incidents and convictions involving that driver. In Texas, a third DWI is classified as a felony and will likely end in prison time.

Additionally, a civil lawsuit can be filed by the injured party, where they can seek punitive damages and compensation for medical costs. In either a criminal or civil lawsuit, proceedings can become complex and stressful. You can expect the offender’s defense team and insurance company to fight back against the charges. This is where highly qualified Houston drunk driving lawyers and attorneys can help you build a strong case and support you throughout the process.

What is Intoxication Manslaughter a/k/a Intoxicated Manslaughter?

Intoxication Manslaughter is causing the death of another while operating a vehicle, boat, plane, or amusement ride of any kind under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The law is found under Texas Penal Code 49.08, which reads:

(a) A person commits an offense if the person:

(1) operates a motor vehicle in a public place, operates an aircraft, a watercraft, or an amusement ride, or assembles a mobile amusement ride; and

(2) is intoxicated and by reason of that intoxication causes the death of another by accident or mistake.

(b) An offense under this section is a felony of the second degree.

Intoxication Manslaughter is a crime punishable as a second-degree felony in Texas. A second-degree felony is punishable by a fine up to $10,000 and from two to twenty years in prison.

(See 12.33)

What is Intoxication Assault?

Intoxication Assault is defined as causing serious bodily injury of another while operating a vehicle, boat, plane, or amusement ride of any kind under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The law is located at Texas Penal Code 49.07, which reads:

(a) A person commits an offense if the person, by accident or mistake:

(1) while operating an aircraft, watercraft, or amusement ride while intoxicated, or while operating a motor vehicle in a public place while intoxicated, by reason of that intoxication causes serious bodily injury to another; or

(2) as a result of assembling a mobile amusement ride while intoxicated causes serious bodily injury to another.

(b) In this section, “serious bodily injury” means an injury that creates a substantial risk of death or that causes serious permanent disfigurement or protracted loss or impairment of the function of any bodily member or organ.

(c) An offense under this section is a felony of the third degree.

Intoxication Assault is punishable by a fine of up to $10,0000 and two to ten years in prison.

What Can I Do if The Drunk Driver Does Not Have Insurance?

If the drunk driver is uninsured, you will need to look to your own uninsured motorist insurance to pay for your injuries. If you do not have this type of coverage, you can also file a claim with the Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund for your state. Unfortunately in many cases, the actual damages and injuries that a victim of a drunk driver sustains are compounded by the fact that the irresponsibility and negligence of a person who drives while intoxicated tends to extend to other areas of that individual’s life. Often a person who will get behind the wheel of a car, endangering the lives of people like you and your children, will not have enough (or any) automobile insurance. You need a drunk driving accident attorney in Houston, TX to look into other options when this happens.

How Can a DUI Accident Attorney in Houston Help?

A drunk driving accident attorney understands the need to pursue other avenues of recovery on your behalf when a drunk driver is not responsible enough to carry sufficient insurance coverage. This includes negligent employers who overserve employees at work functions, as well as bars and restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages to already intoxicated patrons. You must have a drunk driving accident lawyer who will consider all the options and answer all your questions. Some questions you should be asking are:

Call us for a free consultation if we may help you consider your options.

How Much Does It Cost To Sue A Drunk Driver?

Consultations are free at Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. Injury & Accident Lawyers. If we take the case, we work on a contingency fee basis. That means you don’t pay us anything unless we win your case. Call us today for your free consultation at (713) 932-0777.

How Many Drunk Driving Accidents Happen In Texas Every Year?

There are over 15,000 Drunk driving accidents in the State of Texas every year. In 2021, 13,384 people lost their lives in auto collisions involving drunk drivers. 1,906 of those people were in Texas. Harris County, home to the city of Houston, unfortunately has the most drunk driving accidents in the state of Texas. Nationwide, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that 37 people die daily from drunk driving crashes.

Some types of crashes are more common than others when drunk driving is involved. A vehicle accident caused by drunk driving can include, but is not limited to:

  • Head-on accidents caused by driving in the opposite lane or crossing over the road divider;
  • Rollovers due to high speeds or erratic driving;
  • Rear-end damage, typically due to delayed reaction time.

Regardless of the type of collision or the amount of damage, drunk driving causes serious and irreversible effects in almost all cases. Even when a DUI accident doesn’t cause a fatality, it can cause severe physical damage like a traumatic brain injury. If you have been impacted by drunk driving, reach out to an experienced Houston drunk driving accident lawyer as soon as possible to assess your case and be informed of your rights.

What does BAC stand for?

BAC stands for blood alcohol content. It is a measure of the percentage of alcohol that is found in your blood.

beer cans in carAt What Blood Alcohol Content Are You Considered Legally Intoxicated in Texas?

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, a person is legally intoxicated when their blood alcohol concentration level is at 0.08 percent or higher. With this amount of alcohol in their system, the drunk driver cannot control the vehicle, often resulting in swerving on the road or being unable to follow highway directions.

Looking for a Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer in Houston? Call Simmons & Fletcher now and Get a Free Consultation

At Simmons and Fletcher, our Houston drunk driving accident lawyers understand that this is an extremely difficult time for you and other affected parties. Drunk driving accidents often result in financial strain, whether from hospital bills or automobile repairs. The last thing we want is to add to your economic stress during this time. If we take your case, you will not be charged unless we make a recovery on your behalf.

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