The Texas Crime Victims Compensation Program

What is the Texas Crime Victims Compensation Program?

The Texas Crime Victims Compensation Program, also known as the Crime Victim Compensation Fund, is a program created in 1979 to provide compensation to victims of violent crimes for eligible expenses. It was created not only as a way to reimburse and compensate victims for their losses but also as a way to encourage victims to participate in the prosecution of criminals.

What Types of Compensation are Available Through the Texas Crime Victims Compensation Program?

Victims of qualified crimes may apply for Crime Victim’s Compensation and Emergency Medical Care Compensation – Sexual Assault Exam. Under the Crime Victim’s Compensation, you can request reimbursement for medical expenses, certain travel expenses, mental health treatment costs, dental costs, relocation costs, loss of financial support, funeral home services, childcare, and crime scene clean-up costs. You can even request the reimbursement of up to $300.00 in attorney’s fees paid to an attorney who assists in your application for compensation under the program. A maximum of $50,000 may be available to assist victims. You can also request up to $1,000.00 to cover the replacement of property seized as evidence. In addition to the above, you can apply for the emergency care you received during a sexual assault exam under the Emergency Medical Care Compensation – Sexual Assault Exam.

Eligibility for the Texas Crime Victims Compensation Program

capitol building in austinTo be eligible as a victim, the crime had to be committed in Texas against a United States resident. The crime must be reported to law enforcement and the victim has to cooperate with the investigation. The victim has 3 years from the date of the crime to apply unless good cause is shown.  Additionally, it does not apply to incarcerated persons at the time the crime was committed. Lastly, the victim must not have been a participant in the crime itself nor given false information or otherwise hindered the investigation.

What Crimes are Eligible for the Crime Victim’s Compensation Fund?

Eligible crimes include human trafficking, sexual assault, driving while intoxicated, assault, kidnapping, family violence, child abuse, hit and run, homicide, stalking, elder abuse, and robbery.

Can I Still Bring a Personal Injury Claim If I Apply for Crime Victim’s Compensation?

Yes. The Texas Crime Victims Compensation Fund is considered secondary to all other sources by law. You should seek to recover from all other avenues such as health insurance, liability insurance, or other parties first.  For more information visit:

What Crimes May Result In Personal Injury Claims?

Depending upon the circumstances many crimes may be the subject of a personal injury claim in Texas. Depending upon the specific facts of your case, Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. may be able to assist if you were the victim of any of the following crimes:

Where Do I Apply?

To apply for benefits under the Texas Crime Victim’s Compensation Fund, visit To speak to a personal injury lawyer at Simmons and Fletcher, PC., call 800-298-0111.




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