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Hidden Symptoms of a Concussion

A concussion is a brain injury that results from the head being jolted suddenly, causing the brain to bump against the skull. Concussions can happen during the sudden impact of a car accident, contact with the ground or another object, and even from being shaken or whipped... Read More >

Commonly Overlooked Causes of Distracted Driving

Despite the efforts of many distracted driving prevention campaigns in recent years encouraging people to think twice about texting and driving, distracted driving is neither a new issue nor one limited to smartphone usage. While texting and driving is one of the top... Read More >

Pedestrian Killed in Bus Accident on I-45 Gulf Freeway

Whenever you are walking down a sidewalk or along a street, you need to remain vigilant for safety risks. Motorists who are driving recklessly or are distracted behind the wheel pose one of the biggest risks to pedestrians in Texas. One danger you might not expect to run into as... Read More >

Can Working on a Ship Affect Your Hearing?

Are you a shipyard employee, or do you frequently work on boats out at sea? If so, then you are likely familiar with the loud and consistent noises you hear while out at sea or working on ships in the yard. While most maritime workers take these noise levels as just another part... Read More >

Outdoor Kitchens Recalled Due to Risk of Burn Injury

Attorney For Paradise Grill Burn Injury Lawsuit As a consumer, you expect the products you buy to be safe, especially when you use them as expected and directed by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Dangerous and defective products make their way onto... Read More >

The Role of Expert Witnesses in Civil Lawsuits

Everything You Need To Know About An Expert Witness During a civil case, it is sometimes necessary to seek input or testimony from an expert witness who is qualified to add context and insight thereto. As opposed to witnesses of fact, who simply state their knowledge or... Read More >

Stadium Safety in Houston, TX

Were You Injured in A Stadium Due To Negligence? Stadiums are created for one purpose – to bring together crowds of people, usually for entertainment purposes. As you would expect, drawing in large crowds and, in many cases, selling alcohol to them, can drastically increase... Read More >

Fatal Crash on North Freeway in Houston Leaves 1 Dead

A three-vehicle crash on I-45 near W. Gulf Bank Road in Houston, Texas over the weekend left one driver deceased. According to initial reports, a Mustang was traveling down the freeway and driving erratically. The driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle and swerved into... Read More >