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Amusement Park Liability: Not all Fun and Games

Lack of  Standard Regulation to Prevent Carnival Accidents With the summer fun coming up, it is important to keep in mind that while having fun you must always be aware of the safety risks that come with it. Amusement parks all carry their own unique form of risk. Part of the... Read More >

How to Declare a Dog a Dangerous Dog In Houston

You just bought your new home. It seemed like a quiet, safe neighborhood in the suburbs of Houston. But then, "those neighbors" moved in. You know the ones. Every time a jogger goes by, you hear their large dogs slam into the fence snarling and barking.  The ones who always... Read More >

Katy Municipal Codes Relevant to Dog Bite Law

Dog bite law varies from city to city due to variances in municipal codes.  If you are attacked by a dog within the City of Katy, your case is subject to the Katy Municipal Codes.  The Katy dog bite codes include both dog leash laws and dangerous dog laws.  Since both may... Read More >

What Constitutes a Minor Impact Collision?

Minor impact collision is a phrase used by liability insurance adjusters to describe an automobile accident where the visible property damage to the vehicle is such that it either cannot be seen by the naked eye or appears to be indicative of a low-velocity collision.  Any... Read More >

First-Party Insurance vs Third-Party Insurance

What is the Difference Between a First-Party Insurance Claim and a Third-Party Insurance Claim? The difference between a first-party insurance claim and a third-party insurance claim is who you are submitting the claim to and what duties they owe you as a result. If you are... Read More >

What is a Hospital Lien?

A hospital lien is a right granted to hospitals and emergency services providers that allows them to claim payment for their services out of any money recovered by the injured person in a personal injury claim against someone who caused the injury.  The phrase: "hospital... Read More >

What is a Letter of Protection?

A letter of protection (LOP) is a letter sent to a medical professional by a personal injury lawyer representing a person injured in a car accident, work injury, or fall. A LOP guarantees payment for medical treatment from a future lawsuit settlement or verdict award. In many... Read More >

Simmons & Fletcher Sponsor Walk Like MADD 2021

The attorneys at Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., Injury and Accident Lawyers are proud to be partnering with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) for their annual Walk Like MADD 5K fundraising event for the Harris County and Montgomery County areas. The Harris and Montgomery... Read More >