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Meet Houston Missions The Landing (Human Trafficking)

Today's guest on Meet Houston Missions & The Simmons and Fletcher Local Missions Podcast is Lea Byrd, the Mobilization Manager, for The Landing. The Landing is an organization dedicated to “walking alongside of victims of human trafficking and commercial sexual... Read More >

How Do I Report a Defective or Unsafe Product?

When you purchase a product and it malfunctions in such a way that presents a safety hazard to the typical user, you can and should report this product to the appropriate Federal Authority. But which one is the right authority? There are several federal government branches that... Read More >

What is Vicarious Liability?

Vicarious liability is a legal theory of liability that imputes liability from a negligent actor to another person or company for whom the negligent actor was acting on behalf. It recognizes that when a person is acting on someone else's behalf, the real responsibility lies with... Read More >

What Happens When Someone Drowns in Your Pool in Texas?

Several factors affect whether a landowner may be liable under Texas premises liability law if someone drowns in their pool. The main factors that will come into play are 1) whether the person was a guest or a trespasser, 2) what caused the drowning, and; 3) the age of the... Read More >