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Car Hauler Accidents Make Unique Wrecks

Car carriers are a common sight on United States highways. They save dealers time and money in transporting vehicles for sale or resale. They also preserve the value of the vehicles they are hauling by not adding extra miles to them. Since just driving a new car off the lot... Read More >

What is a Hospital Lien?

A hospital lien is a right granted to hospitals and emergency services providers that allows them to claim payment for their services out of any money recovered by the injured person in a personal injury claim against someone who caused the injury.  The phrase: "hospital... Read More >

San Marcos Passes Cite-and-Release Law

It seemed kind weird when Austin adopted a policy of citing people for crimes that typically resulted in arrest under a “Freedom City” policy, but then it is Austin.  The San Antonio chimed in with its own policy of citing and releasing people for certain non-violent... Read More >

Zoom Deposition Notice – Texas Form

Looking for a good for zoom deposition notice so that you can schedule a video deposition using Zoom?  Look no further.  Below is a Form that you can use to schedule your zoom video depositions in Texas. Before you use it, you might wish to take a look at this video on how to... Read More >

Watson Grinding & Mfg. Explosion in Northwest Houston

Breaking News Around 4:30 a.m. a massive plant explosion in Northwest Houston occurred at the Watson Grinding & Manufacturing plant located at 4525 Gessner Road.  Several area homes were severely damaged or destroyed.  Many surrounding buildings and cars suffered damage... Read More >

Can an Insurance Company Pay Less Than I Owe?

After a wreck, people sometimes find themselves in a situation where they owe more money on their car than the car’s fair market value.  This is what is known as being “upside-down” on a car note.  When this happens and the car gets damaged beyond repair or... Read More >

Port Neches Plant Explosion Displaces Families at Thanksgiving

In the early morning hours of November 27, 2019, a loud explosion rocked the town of Port Neches.  The Port Neches plant explosion resulted in three people injured, extensive property damage across the town and release of a known carcinogen: butadiene.  Subsequently at least... Read More >

The Gilead Antitrust Lawsuit vs Mass Torts Lawsuits

The Gilead Antitrust Lawsuits Gilead has been sued by numerous plaintiffs across the country in a alleging that the company was aware of a safer alternative to their popular HIV treatment drugs including Truvada at the time they started marketing them.  The Truvada class... Read More >

What is Vicarious Liability?

Vicarious liability is a legal theory of liability that imputes liability from a negligent actor to another person or company for whom the negligent actor was acting on behalf of.  It is important in cases where the negligent actor does not have sufficient insurance nor assets... Read More >