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Texas Alcohol Liability Laws and Teenage Drinking and Driving

On Monday, May 1st, a 17-year-old boy crashed into the side of a man’s car in Katy, Texas. The man died and two others suffered injuries.  This accident is just one example of a growing underage drinking crisis in Texas. Statistics show that the average age of teens underage... Read More >

Zantac MDL Filing Deadline Set, Bellwether Trials to Follow

Judge Rosenberg, the Justice Presiding over the Florida Federal Zantac Multi-District Litigation, has entered an order setting a deadline for claimants wishing to participate in the Zantac MDL.  The deadline to file a short-form complaint and be added to the Zantac MDL registry... Read More >

Meet Houston Missions: The Ballard House

In Episode 12 of Meet Houston Missions, meet Kathy Alt, the Executive Director of The Ballard House.  The Ballard House is a 100% free temporary stay facility located in Katy, Texas, capable of housing up to 40 patients and their families who have traveled to Houston from... Read More >