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2020 Second Place Winner Christian Studies Scholarship

by Griffen Hotz Today’s America looks very different from the America of one hundred, fifty, or even just ten years ago. It seems there is a constant shift to relativism and a rejection of a common code of ethics and morality. This is taking its toll. Divorce rates are up.... Read More >

2020 First Place Winner Christian Studies Schollarship

by Jadon Funk Hello brothers and sisters! I would like to start by introducing myself and giving some background on Matt and Kathy Funk. Dad felt God leading him to California to find a church to lead. We arrived in Redwood Valley where he became a youth pastor for about a... Read More >

2020 Second Place Winner Excellence in Ethics Scholarship

By Meghan Flanigen When I think about the Latin etymology of pro bono publico, its meaning holds up to the hopeful ideals and aim of our legal system. A common translation of the Latin preposition, pro, translates to “on behalf of.” The recipient of the pro is, naturally,... Read More >

2020 First Place Winner Excellence in Ethics Scholarship

 by Allison Wick As a foster youth, I was exposed to the legal system at an earlier age than most young adults. Despite this history, my academic, volunteer, and work experiences have shown me that my professional goals are achievable through providing legal assistance to... Read More >

Texas Farm Animal Activity Act Does Not Apply to Ranchers

On June 12, 2020, the Texas Supreme Court handed down the opinion of Waak v Rodriguez in which they held that the heirs of a ranch hand killed by a bull while moving animals from one end of the ranch to the other were not barred from bringing claims against the ranch owner by... Read More >

Why Texas is the Best State for Autonomous Vehicles Like Tesla

It was announced today that Tesla bought five million dollars worth of land outside Austin to build their next factory.  looking at the history of autonomous vehicle laws, this should come as no surprise. In 2011, The Nevada legislature passed laws that made Nevada the first... Read More >

Is Your Law Office Covid 19 Safe?

While there is no way to ensure that an asymptomatic carrier of COVID 19 will not walk into a law office and infect others, there are many things that our law firm has done to help reduce the chances of people contracting COVID 19 when visiting the Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. law... Read More >

Car Hauler Accidents Make Unique Wrecks

Car carriers are a common sight on United States highways. They save dealers time and money in transporting vehicles for sale or resale. They also preserve the value of the vehicles they are hauling by not adding extra miles to them. Since just driving a new car off the lot... Read More >

What is a Hospital Lien?

A hospital lien is a right granted to hospitals and emergency services providers that allows them to claim payment for their services out of any money recovered by the injured person in a personal injury claim against someone who caused the injury.  The phrase: "hospital... Read More >