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Swimming pool drowning accidents have become increasingly more common in Texas. In 2019, 87 children drown in the State of Texas. If you or your loved ones are the victims of a pool accident and you suspect negligence contributed, call a swimming pool accident lawyer for a free consultation today at: (713) 932-0777.

Causes of Swimming Pool Accidents and Drownings

resort poolThere are so many ways in which a person can get injured in and around swimming areas if safety precautions are not properly taken. Some of the causes of swimming pool drowning and near-drowning accidents are:

With all of the potential for injury, it is critical that appropriate safety precautions be taken around pools.

Injuries From Swimming Pool Accidents

Drowning is obviously the extreme consequence of pool and spa negligence.  But there are other severe and permanent injuries that can result as a result of near-drowning incidents.  Near drowning victims may come up blue, foaming at the mouth with no heart beat.  Resuscitation may restart breathing, but it does not mean the person is going to return to normal. When someone is held underwater too long the may suffer from hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy caused by oxygen deprivation to the brain.   In addition to this, severe mental and emotional trauma can result from any near-death experience resulting in nightmares, personality changes, anxiety and other outward manifestations of psychological injury.   These effects may be long-lasting or even permanent requiring treatment,counseling and care.

Whether a particular drowning or near-drowning accident is the result of the pool owner’s negligence can be difficult for the family of the victim to determine.  The pool operator will often tell his employees and lifeguards not to discuss the matter with anyone making getting answers impossible. If you find yourself in this tragic situation with unanswered questions, you need to speak to a swimming pool accident lawyer immediately.

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