Houston Defective Vehicle Lawyer

Houston Defective Vehicle Attorney

A vehicle defect lawyer is a car accident attorney who handles cases that revolve around unnoticeable problems in the way a vehicle is designed. Vehicle defects refer to a number of different problems in automobiles that are a result of poor design and/or poor instruction by the manufacturer.  If you buy a car that has features that simply do not function the way they were represented to you or intended to operate, and someone gets seriously injured as a result, talk to a vehicle defect attorney to learn your legal options today.

Common Automobile Defects

There are many types of vehicle defects. They may pertain to a manufacturing defect–something that occurs as the car is being made that makes it not meet the intended specs, or; it may be a design defect–a flaw in the way the car was intended to be designed that affects all of those types of vehicle. Some of the most common automobile defects include:

  • seat belt failure
  • defective tires/tread separation
  • SUV, jeep, and van rollover accidents
  • defective airbags
  • roof integrity failures/roof crush accidents
  • gas tank explosions
  • fuel pressure sensor leaks
  • defective car seats
  • sudden acceleration/accelerator stick accidents
  • seatback failure
  • defective door latches
  • defective brakes

Vehicle Defects and Recalls

A vehicle recall often occurs when a design defect or a manufacturing defect affects more than one vehicle (or a batch of vehicles).  These may be conducted voluntarily by the manufacturer or by force if the CPSC orders the recall.  If your car is under recall, you should have it looked at immediately to avoid being harmed by the vehicle defect that is the subject of the recall.

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