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Being sexually abused, especially by someone you believed you knew and trusted is an absolute nightmare for the victims.  These actions are criminal and should be reported to the police.  The harm done by these actions may result in a lifetime of physical and psychological care for the victims.

At Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., we have had success obtaining settlements for sexual molestation and sexual abuse cases where the abusor is in a special position of power or knowledge over the victim and/or the victims parents. Some of examples  these situations include being abused by:

  • Members of the Clergy
  • Teachers at Private Schools & Colleges
  • Other kids with past histories of sexual abuse

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Sexual Abuse by Pastors, Youth Ministers and Other Clergy

Churches have an obligation to do a background check on anyone they place in a special position of power and trust, particularly when they will work in isolated circumstances with children. When a Pastor or youth minister is not properly vetted or a church ignores reports of sexual misconduct of a church employee, the church may bear responsibility for the harm done.  Call us for a free confidential consultation today.

Sexual Abuse by a Teacher at a Private School, College or University

Many public schools are shielded from liability for the actions of their employees by the sovereign immunity laws.  Similarly, homeowners policies will exclude liability for intentional acts by the homeowner.

However, when the school is a private school, private university or private college, there may be legal recourse if the professor/teacher was not properly screened at the time of hiring. Background checks are critical when placing someone in a position of authority over students.  If you have been sexually abused or molested by a school employee at a private school or university, you may have legal recourse. Call Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. for a free confidential consultation today.

Other Persons Homes and/or House Parties

If you have been sexually molested at the home of another person, whether you were there visiting or at a party, you may have legal recourse. In some instances, homeowners insurance will exclude coverage due to the act being an intentional act. However, when the actor is the child of the homeowner and has a history of abuse or the parent allows underage drinking or drug use in the home that leads to sexual contact, there may be civil liability for the parent’s negligence that is covered by the homeowner’s policy.

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