Meet Houston Missions: Magnificat Houses (Food & Housing)

On this episode of Meet Houston Missions & The Simmons and Fletcher Local Missions Podcast, meet Victor Hay, the Director of Magnificat Houses. Magnificat Houses began in 1968 with one woman dedicating one hose to provide shelter, food, and support for women on the streets... Read More >

Apple AirPod Hearing Loss Lawsuits and Amber Alerts

Have you heard about the Apple AirPod lawsuits alleging permanent damage and hearing loss as the result of using Apple AirPod wireless earbuds when an amber alert just happened to go off?  Apple has, and apparently, the lawsuits are not their first time hearing about it per the... Read More >

Meet Houston Missions: Katy Cares, Inc. (Single Parent Support)

In this episode Paul H. Cannon talks with The President of Katy Cares, Dr. Dawid J. Pieterse, Ph.D., M.M., A.P., Lt. Col. Katy Cares is a Christian Faith-based mission that provides mentoring, counseling, coaching training programs as well and other essential support services to... Read More >

Avoiding Nighttime Highway Shoulder Accidents

Staying near the car puts you at risk of getting hit by the vehicle or flying debris if someone hits the car. Some of the worst accidents we see as Texas car accident lawyers are highway shoulder accidents. The high speed of the moving car combined with an impact with a... Read More >

Answers to Questions About Hospital Liens

In many states including Texas, anytime you are in an accident and are treated at the emergency room the treating hospital has the right to file a statutory hospital lien asserting a right to be paid for their outstanding bills. It is not uncommon for the injured party to... Read More >

Business Owner’s Guide to Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents

Every year there are hundreds of thousands of claims made against commercial general liability insurance policies for slip and fall accidents that could have easily been prevented. In addition, workers' compensation policies must cover numerous slip and fall accidents by... Read More >