Thunderstorms in Houston Increase the Risk of Car Accidents

The weather here in Houston has been fluctuating substantially over the past few years, so Houston residents don’t always know what to expect when it comes to predicting weather patterns. When adverse weather conditions are present, stay indoors until the inclement weather... Read More >

A Tourist’s Guide to Car Accidents in Texas

Most travelers to Texas don't try to cover the whole state in one trip and for good reason. Texas is a wide, sprawling state with diverse areas and plenty to see in and experience no matter where you go. The metropolitan area of Houston alone covers 10,062 square miles, which is... Read More >

Can Dog Bites Cause Permanent Injuries?

Though the family dog can be a faithful friend, not every dog is friendly, and some dogs have a bite far worse than their bark. Many dogs, especially puppies, bite non-aggressively from time to time while playing; however, the light “nips” from a friendly dog during playtime... Read More >

What to Do after a Motorcycle Accident in Houston

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be chaotic and confusing for everyone involved, so it is crucial to know what steps you need to take to ensure that your rights are upheld, especially if you are injured. Learn exactly what to do after a motorcycle accident in... Read More >

Hidden Symptoms of a Concussion

A concussion is a brain injury that results from the head being jolted suddenly, causing the brain to bump against the skull. Concussions can happen during the sudden impact of a car accident, contact with the ground or another object, and even from being shaken or whipped... Read More >

Commonly Overlooked Causes of Distracted Driving

Despite the efforts of many distracted driving prevention campaigns in recent years encouraging people to think twice about texting and driving, distracted driving is neither a new issue nor one limited to smartphone usage. While texting and driving is one of the top... Read More >

Pedestrian Killed in Bus Accident on I-45 Gulf Freeway

Whenever you are walking down a sidewalk or along a street, you need to remain vigilant for safety risks. Motorists who are driving recklessly or are distracted behind the wheel pose one of the biggest risks to pedestrians in Texas. One danger you might not expect to run into as... Read More >