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The Five Kinds of Driving Impairment

Wind gusts and lightning strikes cause a few Harris County vehicle collisions every year. But most car crashes are not “accidents.” In fact, human error is directly or indirectly responsible for over 90 percent of these incidents. Driving impairment is often a major factor in these.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has identified five […]

Are Texas Trial Lawyers the Next Step in Battling Human Trafficking?

One of the buzzes at this spring’s Mass Torts Made Perfect (MTMP)–a seminar held in Las Vegas twice a year for personal injury trial lawyers to learn about the latest in wide-spread tort claims-was the move for trial lawyers to get involved in the war on human trafficking.  Human trafficking is a wide-spread criminal enterprise […]

Developments in Truck Accident Litigation: Side Underride Guard Non-Use

The debate as to whether trucking companies should be required to use side underride guards has garnished significant attention in the news as of late. New proposals to reduce the commercial truck driving age could mean more inexperienced drivers on the road—and this could mean more accidents.  Side underride guards are not currently required by […]

The Motel 6 Lawsuit: Just Because the Government Asks Doesn’t Make it ok

In small business law news, Motel 6 of Washington learned a hard lesson recently:  When the Federal Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement (ICE) asks, don’t tell. At least, not without a warrant. The Motel 6 lawsuit is a valuable lesson for small business owners who might think they are doing the right thing by assisting the […]

What You Need to Know About Big Rig Collisions

The Port of Houston is one of the busiest ports of entry in the United States. It handles more waterborne foreign tonnage than any other port in the country. What comes in on a ship usually leaves on a large truck. In fact, longshoremen often offload a ship’s cargo directly onto a waiting tractor-trailer, when […]

The Grounded Boeing Planes and Potential Loss of Use Claims

Following two major crashes and an apparent link to a faulty navigation system, the Boeing 737 Max 8 and Boeing 737 Max 9 were grounded worldwide. The United States was the last to ground the Boeing jets on March 13, 2019. With over 370 of these planes in operation around the world, this grounding has […]

Janssen Asks FDA For Use Expansion Despite Invokana Litigation

The Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Janssen now claims that its troubled anti-diabetes drug can reduce the risk of end-stage kidney disease in some patients, so it will seek expanded government approval for Invokana. This latest announcement comes on the heels of a new clinical trial. Janssen claims that in the Canagliflozin and Renal Events in Diabetes […]

KMCO Plant Explosion Update – Shelter In Place

4/2/19. There was an explosion around  11:00am at the KMCO L.L.C. industrial plant in Crosby, Texas.  A large black cloud can be seen for miles billowing from the facility.  One death has been reported and several injuries as firefighters fight to put out the chemical plant fire. The KMCO, L.L.C. facility is a processing plant […]

$775 Million Dollar Xarelto Lawsuits Settlement

Five years after the $650 Million Pradaxa settlement, another drug company has agreed to pay big money to resolve claims that its blood thinner was a defective pharmaceutical product.  The $775 million dollar settlement covers roughly 25,000 individual lawsuits in both federal and state courts., however, this is not a class action settlement. These cases […]

Deer Park Plant Fire Poses Benzine Exposure Risk

ITC plant fire plume could be seen for miles across Houston on 3/17/2019. Despite the best efforts of firefighters and others to control the blaze at Intercontinental Terminals Company ITC plant fire in Deer Park , the fires at a Houston-area petrochemical plant engulfed at least 8 tanks and involved the release of a hazardous […]

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