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What is a Friendly Lawsuit?

A friendly lawsuit is a lawsuit filed between two or more parties in order to ask the Court to appoint a guardian ad litem for purposes of approving a personal injury claim settlement for a minor.  It involves a minor plaintiff and their next of friend, a defendant and a guardian ad litem. Legal Capacity […]

Nursing Home Neglect Allegations Arise after Hurricane Harvey

A hurricane by its nature wreaks havoc, and no one expects business as usual in the wake of a landfall. Amidst the property damage, flooding, chemical plant explosions and other chaos, one of the strangest stories reported involves the rescue of residents stranded at a Port Arthur nursing home with water rising around them. While […]

What is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

The Personal Injury Claim Value Calculator There is no such thing as an accurate personal injury case value calculator. Anyone who tells you that they have a crystal ball or a magic formula from which they can predict the value of your personal injury case without even knowing the facts is a scam artist trying […]

Texas School Bus Accidents are Surprisingly Common

Fortunately, no children were injured in the October 12 school bus accident near the North Sam Houston Parkway. In fact, students were loaded onto another bus and continued on their way to school. Still, news of a morning school bus crash is an unwelcome reminder of the risks associated with school transportation—especially on the heels […]

What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

The highest-profile class actions lawsuits often involve drugs or medical devices such as breast implants that have harmed thousands or tens of thousands of people due to defective design, defective manufacture, or failure to warn patients of known risks. While that type of wrongful action on the part of a pharmaceutical company or medical device […]

Drowsy Driving: The “Sleeper” Danger on the Road

Everyone knows that driving under the influence is dangerous, and that distractions such as texting, talking on a cell phone or watching videos while driving can be hazardous. But, one of the most significant risks to Texas drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians gets little attention. Fatigued drivers pose a much more serious risk than many […]

EpiPen Deaths Illustrate Dangers of Medical Device Manufacturing Defects

Medical devices have revolutionized healthcare in many areas, allowing people who would have been incapacitated or even died in an earlier era to live long, relatively healthy lives. However, as new devices move rapidly through research and development and out to the public, the potential for error is significant. That risk is greatly increased if […]

Valero Oil Refinery Explosion in Port Arthur, Texas.

9/19/2017 Shortly before noon, a large boom followed by huge billowing clouds of black smoke rising into the sky was reported this morning coming from the Valero Oil Refinery located in Port Arthur, Texas. Authorities report that a heavy oil storage tank had exploded on the site. Which came first and the cause of the […]

Arkema Chemical Plant Explosion Claims

The recent Arkema chemical plant explosions in Crosby, Texas added to the chaos and stress in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Area residents were evacuated from their homes as dangerous chemicals burned. As plant management stood by and determined that the best course of action was to let the materials burn out, information about violations, […]

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