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Chihuahua Bites & Smaller Dogs

Little Dogs Can Bite Too

Often, little dogs are dismissed as “too cute” to be dangerous. Due to their petite size and yappy nature, many people believe that Chihuahuas cannot cause harm. However, the reality is that even small animals can cause serious scars if people do not treat them with caution and respect. We have seen cases where people leaned in to kiss a dog after the owner said it was safe to do only to have the little dog bite their lip or face and cause severe scarring. The simple reality is that any dog can bite and cause damage—even the little cute dogs.

If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of a dog bite, talk to a Houston dog bite attorney to help you seek the medical treatment and compensation you deserve from the negligent dog owner. Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. has been helping dog bite victims recover from dog attacks for over four decades. Call (713) 932-0777 for a free consultation with an experienced attorney.

Chihuahuas – Background

ChihuahuaChihuahuas are the smallest recognized dog breed, ranging from 5 to 8 inches tall and weighing about 3 to 6 pounds. Chihuahuas are identifiable by their rounded heads, pointed muzzles, big and round eyes, and large perked-up ears. The breed is known to be very lively, feisty, and extremely devoted to their owner. Chihuahuas were first noted during the mid-19th century when they were bred in Mexico and named after the Mexican state of ‘Chihuahua.’ The breed is believed to be derived from the extinct Techichi dog that dates back to Mayan times. Chihuahuas were initially bred as life-long companions and were seen as holy animals. During Aztec rule in Mexico, it was believed that when a person died, a Chihuahua needed to be slain and buried with the body to act as a guide through the afterlife for the dead person’s soul. Since coming to America in the early 1900s, the breed has become a popular household pet for families.

Many Chihuahuas make good family pets. They are described as lap dogs that like attention, are active, and are very loyal. Many Chihuahuas form a special bond with one of their owners and stay devoted to that owner. However, when mishandled and not properly trained, a Chihuahua’s misguided loyalty can turn into aggression towards visitors and even other family members. Despite their toy-like size, a Chihuahua’s aggression can become dangerous, and attacks can cause permanent damage to the victim, especially if the victim is a child. Moreover, a Chihuahua may bite a child out of fear due to the child being unpredictable and erratic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Chihuahua Really Harm Me?

Yes, despite their small stature, Chihuahuas can inflict permanent damage when they attack. Although Chihuahua bites may not be as dangerous as other dog breed attacks, a bite from a Chihuahua can be painful and possibly cause injury. Chihuahuas have a bite force of about 100 pounds per square inch (PSI), which may not seem like much; however, it is enough to bite through human skin or take off part of a finger. Additionally, Chihuahua attacks can cause serious harm to children, who are more fragile than adults.

What Causes a Chihuahua Bite?

Chihuahuas may bite a person for various reasons. One reason a Chihuahua may bite is if they are not properly trained or socialized. If a Chihuahua is not trained to listen to and follow its owner’s commands, it may become aggressive toward strangers or visitors in the house. Additionally, a Chihuahua may bite out of fear for its safety. Although regarded as playful and energetic animals, Chihuahuas do not like unpredictable and wild behavior. Another reason a Chihuahua may bite a person is due to prior mistreatment or neglect. If a Chihuahua has previously been in a place where it was mishandled by humans, the dog may bite people who approach it due to its lack of trust towards humans.

Will My Friend’s Chihuahua Be Put Down if I Call Animal Control?

In Texas, animal control rarely puts down a dog for the first bite unless they evaluate the dog and determine that it is a vicious animal or has rabies. Usually, a history of unprovoked attacks is required before they consider putting a dog down and often. Each state follows its own dog bite laws.

Is a Dog Owner Liable if their Small Dog Bites Me?

In Texas, we follow a rule of law called the One Bite Rule. According to the One Bite Rule, dog owners may be held liable for their dog’s aggressive actions only if the owner was aware that the dog had abnormal vicious tendencies. The only way to prove that an owner knew of their dog’s vicious tendencies is for the dog to have bitten someone before or otherwise shown aggression toward a human. After the first bite or aggressive act, the dog’s owner is responsible for taking action to prevent the dog from biting another person. If the owner does not take action to prevent another bite incident, they are strictly liable for damages caused by the dog’s vicious behavior.

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