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Texas Medical Health Care Liability Claims Attorney

When you turn to a medical professional for health care, you hope that they will do everything in their power to make you whole. And while many doctors do exactly that, sometimes things do not go as planned.

Where do you turn when your treatment does not go as it should? Call Simmons and Fletcher, P.C.,  at 800-298-0111 and ask to speak to our health care liability lawyers today.

Do You Have a Health Care Liability Claim?

How do you know if your situation falls under the health care liability claims umbrella? Well, according to Texas Law, you have one if your claim meets these three requirements:

  1. It is against some type of health care provider.
  2. It deals with treatment or the failure to treat, which then leads to an injury or death.
  3. There is a departure from accepted medical and health care standards.

Does this sound like the situation you have found yourself in? If so, contact Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., and let’s talk about your potential claim.

What You Need in a Medical Liability Attorney

Now that you know you could benefit from enlisting the aid of an attorney, you need to understand what sort of lawyer you should be looking for. Make sure the attorney you call on:

  • Understands health care liability law — You certainly do not want a divorce lawyer handling your health care liability claims. Sure they might be a great lawyer, but you need someone specializing in personal injury claims. Simmons and Fletcher can provide you with that lawyer.
  • Is one of integrity — Simmons and Fletcher is an openly Christian law firm. What does that mean to you? We operate with the utmost integrity. That means any move we make on your behalf, or anyone we put you in contact with, will handle your case with compassion in an upright manner. Your wellbeing is our number on responsibility.
  • Fights with extreme aggression — When it comes to filing health care liability claims, you cannot afford to hire a lawyer who sits back and lets events unfold. Instead, you need a trial lawyer who prepares for your case as if he is going to have to fight all the way to the courtroom—even though you have a solid chance of settling long before.

There are many types of health care liability claims. We will be happy to discuss the following types of cases with you:

The injuries caused by medical negligence can be catastrophic injuries that require a lifetime of medical care and support. Here are some of the types of injuries that commonly occur due to a doctor, hospital or nurses’ medical negligence:

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If you think you have a legitimate claim, we can help. Finding a medical malpractice lawyer in Texas can be difficult due to the changes in the law passed under the banner of tort reform. Caps on damages and strict requirements in the law can make handling these cases challenging. At Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., if your case is one in which we cannot assist you, we will try to help you find a health care liability claim lawyer that handles your type of case. As a result, some cases are likely to be referred to another attorney for handling with the client’s permission.

We offer free consultation with a health care liability lawyer on claims occurring in the State of Texas. We are more than happy to discuss cases in Houston,  Cypress, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, Harlingen, McAllen, Rio Grande Valley, Beaumont, Katy, Orange, East Texas, Nacogdoches, Tyler, Longview, Lufkin, Marshall, College Station, Plano, Irving, Carrolton, Austin and surrounding areas.