Dog Bite/Animal Attack

Texas Farm Animal Activity Act Does Not Apply to Ranchers

On June 12, 2020, the Texas Supreme Court handed down the opinion of Waak v Rodriguez in which they held that the heirs of a ranch hand killed by a bull while moving animals from one end of the ranch to the other were not barred from bringing claims against the ranch owner by... Read More >

Can Homeowner’s Insurance Refuse to Cover Dog Bites?

Homeowner’s insurance can refuse to cover an insured for dog bites and other damages done by a pet that lives in the covered household if there is an exclusion in the coverage that applies to injury and/or property damage caused by dogs or if there is no legal liability for... Read More >

Does My Dog Need Canine Liability Insurance?

You almost certainly have liability insurance for your car, and perhaps your business. Though you may not realize it, your homeowner’s insurance policy probably contains protection against liability for injuries that occur on your property. In short, liability insurance is a... Read More >

Texas Leads the Nation in Dog Bite Fatalities

Texans love dogs. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), 44% of Texas households include a dog, placing the state in the top 10 nationally for dog ownership, just a few percentage points behind top-ranked Arkansas. But, there’s a downside to the... Read More >

How to Declare a Dog a Dangerous Dog In Houston

You just bought your new home. It seemed like a quiet, safe neighborhood in the suburbs of Houston. But then, "those neighbors" moved in. You know the ones. Every time a jogger goes by, you hear their large dogs slam into the fence snarling and barking.  The ones who always... Read More >

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