Injuries from Incorrect Feeding Tube Placement

A Class 1 Recall has been issued by Avanos Medical and the FDA for 629 Cortrak*2 Enteral Access Systems that were distributed in the United States between April 1, 2016, to January 1, 2022. Class 1 represents the highest class of recall and is only issued in cases where there is a reasonable probability that the product recalled will cause serious adverse health consequences or death if used. Evidence suggests there have been 23 deaths and at least 60 injuries as a result of the improper insertion of a tube while using these devices due to a lack of clear instructions. If you suffered an injury or a loved one died as a result of the use of one of these feeding tube insertion devices, you should talk to a feeding tube injury lawyer to learn your rights.

Avanos Medical Cortrak*2 Enteral Access Systems Marketing Defect Claims

The Avanos Medical Cortrak*2 Enteral Access System is a medical device intended to enable and assist medical professionals to place nasogastric and nasoenteric tubes in patients.  A medical product, if not properly used, can be dangerous. The manufacturer has the burden to place proper labeling, instructions, and warnings on devices so they can be used safely. The recall in question is being done to place clear instructions and warnings to prevent the recurring improper insertion that has been reported.

nasogastric feeding tube diagram

Diagram of a nasogastric feeding tube insertion.

What is Nasogastric vs Nasoenteric?

A nasogastric feeding tube is inserted in the nose and guided into the stomach. A nasoenteric feeding tube is inserted in the nose and guided to the intestines.

What Are the Potential Injuries From Improper Insertion of a Feeding Tube?

Failure to insert these tubes correctly may result in damage to the patient’s vocal cords, lungs, or trachea including:

  • A punctured lung
  • A collapsed lung
  • Punctured esophagus
  • Punctured bowel
  • Pneumonia
  • Pleural effusion.

Additionally, if the feeding tube is inserted into the wrong place, the nutrients it is intended to deliver are not going where they are needed. Improper placement of a feeding tube into the lung can result in asphyxiation and death.

Talk to a Feeding Tube Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one was injured during a medical procedure and the case was the improper insertion of the feeding tube during use of the Avanos Medical Cortrak*2 Enteral Access System, you should speak to a feeding tube injury lawyer to determine whether you may have a claim. It may have been a defective medical product issue vs a medical malpractice case. These types of cases are complex and need to be investigated by an experienced attorney with a dedicated team working on the case. Our firm does not handle these directly, but you are welcome to call us for a referral to an attorney working on the feeding tube injury claims.