Austin Area Animal Control Phone Numbers

Austin Animal Control Services

capital building in austinAustin is the capital of Texas and currently serves as the seat of Travis County. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation and is home to many families and pets. Anyone who visits will tell you it is a very “unique” place. It is no surprise then, that the way they handle animal control services and dog attack reporting is also different than other counties.

If you need animal control service in the City of Austin, call 311 during normal business hours. If it is after hours our you are outside of the City in unincorporated parts of Travis County, then you call a City number: 512-974-2000. There is no separate Travis County Animal Control. The Travis County website gives that same City of Austin number.

Travis County does have its’ own set of leash laws that will apply if you are in the County, but outside the City. However, be aware that parts of Austin lie in two other counties as well.

Hays County Animal Control Phone Number

If you are in Hays County, Call 512-393-7896 for Hays County animal control. Hays County has an animal restraint law in effect. This means that dogs must be restrained by fence, leash or chain at all times. The Hays County Sheriff’s Office has an Animal Control Division you can contact when dealing with dangerous animals. The Sheriff’s Department has dedicated four Animal Control Officers who patrol over 680 square miles. They also provide online access to the Hays County Animal Control Ordinance.

Williamson County Animal Control Phone Number

If you are in the part of Austin that lies in Williamson County, then to access the Williamson County Animal Control division, call 512-864-8282, and press option 1 twice. According to the Williamson County website, “The Animal Control Division’s primary duty is to protect the health and safety of the community by investigating reports of exposure to high-risk rabies suspects…as well as situations where a dog or cat has bitten or scratched a human.” To access the complete Williamson County animal control regulations, click here.

Dog Bite Lawyer

Understanding your rights regardless of what county you live in is the best way to ensure you are fully protected. The Austin area is home to many dogs but when faced with a dangerous one, many people are unsure of what to do. Call Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. at 1-800-298-0111 if you or someone you love has been injured due to a dog bite for a free case evaluation. At Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., our dog attack attorneys have been serving victims in Texas since 1979. Let us help you.


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