Katy Area Animal Control Phone Numbers

What is the Katy Animal Control Phone Number to Report a Dog Attack?

Katy Animal Control and the Police Department work together to investigate dog bite incidents and incidents involving other aggressive animals in the city limits. If need to report a dog bite, you can call the Katy Police Department, night or day at 281-391-4740.  They will, in turn, contact Katy Animal Control on your behalf to start the process.

This simplifies what could be a confusing process due to the fact that Katy straddles three separate Counties with their own animal control phone numbers and divisions. Additionally, Katy Animal Control is only open during business hours on weekdays.

Call the County Animal Control Departments If You Live Just Outside Katy City Limits

If you live outside of Katy in the unincorporated territory, you have to call the appropriate County Animal Control Department. Katy, Texas is somewhat unique in that it straddles three separate counties–Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller. Thus, if you are attacked by a dog just outside Katy in unincorporated lands, you must look to the appropriate county for animal control services.

What is the Harris County Animal Control Phone Number?

If you are in unincorporated parts of Harris County, then you call 281-999-3191 for Harris County Animal Control. However, because parts of Katy lie very close to the west border of Houston, you have to be sure that you are not in the Houston city limits. If you are in the Houston city limits, you will need to call the Houston Animal Control department also known as BARC.

What is the Fort Bend County Animal Control Phone Number?

For unincorporated parts of Fort Bend County, call Fort Bend Animal Control Services at 281-342-1512.    Their offices are located at 1210 Blume Road Rosenberg, TX 77471.  If it is after hours or they are not available, you can call the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office at 281-341-4704.

What is the Waller County Animal Control Phone Number?

If you are bitten by an animal, contact the Waller County Sheriff’s Office at 979-826-8282. There is not a separate Waller Animal Control Department.  The Sheriff’s Department is located at 701 Calvit St., Hempstead, TX 77445.

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