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A toxic tort lawyer is an attorney who fights for victims after a corporation wrongfully harms a group of people. When companies ignore environmental laws and pollute the lands and waterways of our nation, numerous federal and state laws may be used to enforce civil and criminal responsibility for the consequences of those actions.  If you are the victim of a toxic tort, a toxic tort lawyer in Houston, TX can help you navigate the volumes of confusing laws and codes to determine what your rights are. Call Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. for a free case evaluation at (713) 932-0777. If we take your case, we do not charge any attorney fees nor case expenses unless we make a recovery for you.

What is a Toxic Tort?

A toxic tort is a negligent release of a toxic substance such as a chemical, waste, or toxin that results in harm to a person or group of persons. The release may be the result of an accidental singular event such as an explosion or chemical leak or it may be the result of a long-time accidental or permitted exposure such as air emissions from a plant or waste released into a stream. The harm may be to:

  • property rights–such as pollution, or
  • people—such as chemical burns and reactions, cancers, or other diseases.

Cases involving toxic torts often involve incidents of widespread pollution and damage and may have a substantial negative impact on the environment.  The Gulf oil spill is one example in the recent history of a toxic tort with these implications. Due to the large number of people who may be affected by toxic torts and the complexity of these cases, toxic torts often evolve into class-action lawsuits so that the litigation costs may be consolidated and the cases may be concluded in an orderly fashion.

Examples of Recent Toxic Torts

Toxic Torts may result in injury to a single individual or a large group of people.  Some examples of toxic torts include:

  • Camp Lejeune Cancer Claims due to water contamination by toxic chemicals.
  • Toxic baby formula lawsuits due to toxic metals.
  • A herbicide with the carcinogen Glyphosate, that has been linked to causing cancer
  • Breast implants that rupture or leak silicone into the body
  • Contamination of surrounding properties by leaking underground storage tanks
  • Asbestos exposure from insulation and products containing talc
  • Nuclear radiation leaks from a power plant
  • Manufacturing wastes leaking into streams, ponds, or groundwater

All of the above are examples of toxic torts but are by no way exclusive. If you suspect you have been exposed to a toxic substance and sustained a substantial injury, as a result, call us to speak with a Houston toxic tort lawyer about your case.

How Do You Prove Causation in a Toxic Tort Lawsuit?

To prevail in a toxic tort lawsuit, the plaintiffs bear the burden of proving that there was a negligent release of a toxic substance that caused damages. Proving the release and existence of damages typically are not difficult elements to prove. Establishing that a specific toxic substance caused a specific illness or injury such as cancer or disease is often the most difficult part. This will require reliable expert testimony and often will require expensive testing. Because these cases may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions to bring to trial, there must be substantial damages to justify bringing toxic tort claims. Often, toxic tort lawyers will join together and/or refer these cases to share/spread the costs out.

Furthermore, a toxic tort claim may be based on several different theories of tort liability. If the release or exposure arises out of a manufacturing activity or a chemical process (i.e. an oil refinery), then the liability may be based on premises liability law or property law. If the exposure is related to a product that contained the toxin, it will likely be based on product liability law or medical negligence.  Toxic torts may also be based on general principles of negligence and the duty not to negligently injure others.

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