Balcony Rail Collapses

Balcony Railing Collapse Lawyers

Unfortunately, due to all of the older apartment complexes in the Greater Houston area, accidents and falls associated with faulty balconies and railings are not uncommon. They can also happen on cruise ships or hotels while on vacation. Victims suffer serious bodily injuries from these accidents and falls.  A person may accidentally fall over a railing or from a balcony while trying to enjoy the weather outdoors. A railing may give way, causing a tragic fall, or a balcony may simply collapse in on itself unexpectedly.  Even more tragically, the victims of these types of accidents and falls are often children playing outside and the elderly.

balcony railingMost balcony accidents are preventable if the landlord simply conducts regular inspections and maintenance.  At Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., we take balcony and railing failure cases very seriously and fight to make up for all of the harms and losses suffered by the victims.

Most railing and balcony accidents occur when someone falls from the balcony of their apartment because of poor or negligent repairs to the balcony’s railing.  Without the proper grounding support and maintenance, apartment complex balconies can become exceedingly dangerous, with tenants unaware of the risks.  Screws and bolts may become rusty and never be replaced.  Railings may experience extreme wear and tear due to people consistently leaning upon them or because of changing weather conditions.  Apartment complex balconies left in disrepair and without the proper weight limit warnings may not be able to support the burden of a load set upon them and breakdown. All of these things must be considered by the landlord or property owner in providing you a safe place to live, work, or walk.

 Recovering Compensation for Balcony Accident Injuries

In Texas, a victim of such accidents and falls may have a claim to recovery under a negligence theory of law. The apartment property managers and unit owners are responsible for keeping a balcony and any railing installed in good repair in order to ensure the tenant’s safety.  There is also a duty to warn of a dangerous condition that could present itself with regards to any balcony or railing.  Property managers and landlords should take precautions to prevent these types of accidents and falls.  Precautions may include weight limit warnings, handrails, and regular safety checks on an apartment unit’s balconies and railings.

When landlords fail to take necessary precautions, the injured victim has a right to bring a claim for personal injury damages suffered and to sue to the property owner’s negligence. If you suspect you or someone you love has been a victim of this time of injury, call us today.

 Injuries from Balcony and Railing Accidents

Accidents and falls from a balcony can happen quickly and without warning.  Victims often suffer severe bodily injuries from these accidents and falls.  Serious injuries may include:

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The personal injury attorneys at Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. are prepared to represent you.  We have building code experts ready to inspect the failed railing or balcony and investigate the root cause of your fall. If you have been the victim of a fall or other accident caused by an apartment complex balcony railing in poor repair, call us today at (713) 932-0777.