Houston Trampoline Injury Lawyer

Houston Trampoline Injury Attorney

A trampoline injury lawyer may be able to help if your child was injured while jumping on a trampoline at someone else’s home. Whether the trampoline was worn out and failed or they simply just failed to supervise the kids and allowed more than one to jump at once, a Houston trampoline injury lawyer may be able to obtain the compensation you deserve.  Call 800-298-0111 for a free consultation.

How many people are injured on a trampoline annually?

Over 100,000 people are injured on a trampoline every year. It is even more alarming that children under 16 make up 93% of those injured on a trampoline each year.   If your child is injured on someone else’s trampoline, a trampoline injury lawyer may be able to help. talk to a trampoline injury lawyer to learn your rights today at 800-298-0111.

trampoline parkAre trampolines safe for kids?

A study by the American Association of Pediatrics concluded that trampolines are unsafe for children.  (See Study) Furthermore, of the 100,000 people injured annually, over half of them suffered bone fractures as of 2017. 95% of bone fracture injuries on trampolines occur at home trampolines vs commercial trampoline parks. Furthermore, one out of every two hundred people injured on a trampoline suffer a brain injury and there have been at least 6 documented deaths from trampoline injuries.

What are the common ways trampoline injuries occur?

There are many ways in which people may be injured while using a trampoline.  Some of these include:

  • injury from jumping or flying off the trampoline
  • injury from a double bounce –where someone bounces right before another person lands causing the surface to be bouncing back up toward the person coming down
  • injury from landing wrong on the trampoline
  • injury from having a foot going through an open edge or exposed springs
  • aerial collision injuries
  • colliding with an object near/above a trampoline such as a wall or a tree
  • crashing through the trampoline surface due to wear and tear.

How To Reduce the Risk of a Trampoline Accident at Home

There are several things you can do to reduce the risk of a serious trampoline injury, including:

  • Always have adult supervision from an adult who is familiar with trampoline safety.
  • Only jump one person at a time. Statistics show that 75% of the injuries come from multiple people jumping at the same time.
  • Use a net.  While the AAP has concluded that these do not significantly reduce the overall number of injuries, they may prevent serious injury from occurring when someone is thrown from a trampoline.
  • Use protective padding over springs and metal parts.
  • Read and follow the recommendations and instructions. The AAP recommends not allowing kids on trampolines but if you must definitely look at the recommended age minimum in the instructions.
  • Do not place the trampoline near pools, balconies, or any other attractive nuisance that a child may be tempted to bounce onto or into.
  • Do not place the trampoline at a higher elevation than required or near trees.
  • Establish set ground rules on who can jump and when.
  • Keep your trampoline somewhere that neighborhood children do not have access to it when you are not present.
  • Regularly inspect your trampoline, including the springs and mat to ensure there is no structural damage from weathering, tearing, or rust. If you suspect the integrity may be compromised in any way, it is time to discontinue use and/or replace it.

Trampoline Park Accidents

Trampoline parks have become a very popular new form of recreation. Injuries at trampoline parks resulted in at least 18,000 emergency room visits in 2017. Despite this, there is no current industry standard or nationwide regulation of trampoline parks.  Only a handful of states have passed statewide regulations pertaining to the inspection and maintenance of trampoline parks. The rest, like Texas, leave the regulation and safety up to the parks themselves to decide.

The Complexities of the Trampoline Park Case

There have been hundreds of lawsuits filed against trampoline parks nationwide over these types of accidents.  Depending upon what state you are in and the facts of the specific case, holding the parks liable may or may not be possible. Most parks require at least one parent to sign a liability waiver. In addition, many of these parks will require the signing of an indemnity agreement—which can make the parent ultimately liable to the park for any judgment their child takes as well as legal fees. In some states, these types of waivers may be against public policy and/or ineffective against gross negligence. It is critical that you speak to a trampoline park injury attorney to determine your rights based on your specific case.

Lawyer for Trampoline Accident Victims

Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., has handled a number of trampoline cases against private homeowners.  If your child is injured on a trampoline that belongs to someone else, get a free consultation with a lawyer who handles trampoline accidents to discuss your legal options. You may be entitled to legal recourse if the injury was a direct result of the trampoline owner’s negligence.



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