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backhoe rollover accidentEach year, a significant number of backhoe accidents occur in Texas because the employee of another contractor lacks the proper training and skill to operate heavy machinery on a crowded job site. When safety procedures and training are not followed, on-the-job accidents can be deadly. If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligent operation of a backhoe, talk to a backhoe accident lawyer about your rights today at 800-298-0111.

Who is Liable for a Backhoe Accident?

There are many people who may be liable after a backhoe accident, including your employer, a worker’s compensation carrier, a fake comp insurance plan, a negligent third party, the backhoe manufacturer, the backhoe owner, a backhoe maintenance company, or a leasing company. You may also be solely responsible for your backhoe accident. Whether any or all of these parties are liable depends upon the specific facts of your case. You should consult a backhoe accident lawyer to determine which may apply if any, in your case.

How Can an Attorney for a Backhoe Accident Help?

An attorney can investigate the circumstances of the backhoe accident and determine who the responsible parties are for your injury. She can also evaluate what rights you may have to be compensated by your own employer. Your rights will likely depend upon whether or not your employer carries worker’s compensation, fake comp, or no worker’s compensation. It will also depend upon whether the backhoe malfunctioned or whether it was operated negligently.

What Are the Most Common Backhoe Accidents?

The most common ways in which individuals are injured by backhoes:

  • Being struck by the moving machine, swinging booms, or other machine components
  • Being struck by quick-disconnect excavator buckets that unexpectedly detach from the excavator stick
  • Electrocutions
  • Slides into trenches
  • Vehicle rollovers during sharp turns, on steep slopes, or on uneven ground
  • Being pinned between the backhoe and another object
  • Unsecured material falling from the backhoe
  • Improper transportation of equipment
  • Defective equipment
  • Poorly maintained equipment.

The above data is taken from a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health survey of the Bureau of Labor Statistics Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries that identified 346 fatalities that occurred due to backhoes between 1992 to 2000.

How Can You Reduce the Risk of Injury on a Backhoe?

There are several safety precautions that individuals can follow to avoid being injured or even killed in a backhoe accident. Consider the following:

  • Avoid Dangers. Backhoes are at risk of becoming entangled in trees or power lines, which means that individuals should carefully survey their surroundings prior to operation.
  • Create a Safety Zone. Never operate equipment when individuals are in a working zone because the backhoe can move unexpectedly and strike individuals.
  • Inspect the Machinery. Before operating a backhoe, individuals should inspect all elements of the machinery. Keeping the equipment well-maintained can get you the backhoe’s performance.
  • One-Person Operators. Operators should not ride with any passengers.
  • Use a Seat Belt. Backhoe operators should always wear seat belts because the operator is at risk of falling out of the machinery if not properly secured.

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