Zantac MDL Filing Deadline Set, Bellwether Trials to Follow

Judge Rosenberg, the Justice Presiding over the Florida Federal Zantac Multi-District Litigation, has entered an order setting a deadline for claimants wishing to participate in the Zantac MDL.  The deadline to file a short-form complaint and be added to the Zantac MDL registry... Read More >

Meet Houston Missions: The Ballard House

In Episode 12 of Meet Houston Missions, meet Kathy Alt, the Executive Director of The Ballard House.  The Ballard House is a 100% free temporary stay facility located in Katy, Texas, capable of housing up to 40 patients and their families who have traveled to Houston from... Read More >

Texas Trampoline Parks Push Injury Risk Back onto Children

As the weather turns colder, parents everywhere are turning to indoor activities to keep their children entertained through the winter. Trampoline parks are popular with children of all ages, especially during the colder months. However, trampoline parks are much more dangerous... Read More >