Houston Police Look for Answers to Fatal Motorcycle Crash

A motorcycle rider was found dead next to his motorcycle after having left the road and crashed into a telephone pole on Friday night, October 20th according to the Houston Police Department. The crash is believed to have occurred around 10:00 p.m. At the present time, investigators are searching for answers as to why the biker left the roadway.

The crash occurred around the 5700 block of Woodway Drive in Houston, Texas. There have been reports of a white van having been involved and possibly causing the motorcyclist to crash into the telephone pole. Police are looking for eyewitnesses, video footage of area businesses or any other evidence to help explain what happened.

Implications of the Motorcycle Crash

If the vehicle was forced off the road by a negligent driver, the driver could face criminal and civil liability for failure to stop and render aid and for causing the collision.  Drivers all too often fail to keep a proper lookout for motorcycle riders in the lanes next to them before attempting a lane change.

Improper Lane Changes

All drivers have a duty to maintain a single lane and not to move out of their lane unless it is safe to do so. Sideswipe accidents may result if drivers fail to follow this duty. Failure to understand and be aware of blond spots can cause this type of accident.

Failure to Stop and Render Aid

Anytime you are involved in an accident you should pull over to make sure everyone is ok and call for assistance when necessary. However, some people do not realize that failing to stop when someone is injured or there is property damage due to a wreck is actually a crime. If there is serious bodily injury resulting from the wreck the crime is upgraded to a third-degree felony.  Third-degree felonies carry jail time of 2-10 years in the State of Texas so you should always stop at the scene of a wreck you are involved in to be safe.

Should You Stop For an Accident If You Have No Insurance?

Even if you have no insurance you should always stop at the scene of a wreck and make sure everyone is ok. In this day and age of cameras, someone is likely to see and report you. Leaving the scene of the wreck can result in what was a simple case of civil negligence suddenly becoming a serious criminal prosecution that can land you in prison. Do not risk it, always stop and stay at the scene.