Meet Houston Missions: Fellowship of Christian Athletes

In this episode of the Simmons and Fletcher Local Missions Podcast, Host Paul H. Cannon talks to Diana Willetts, the Katy Area Representative for Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). FCA is an organization dedicated to helping student-athletes connect in their faith in Christ. There are several local area representatives that you can reach out to to get involved in your area.

About the Fellowship of Christian Athletes

FCA is an organization designed to help unite athletes’ passion for sports with their passion for Christ. Students, hold Bible study meetings in “Huddles.”  Each Huddle has student leaders, a parent/adult sponsor, and a teacher sponsor. Members are encouraged and encourage one another to live out Biblical principles both within the Huddle and beyond. The organization encourages faith in action through volunteering and other group activities.

Volunteer Opportunities and Types

Huddle leaders are consistent small groups of coaches and/or athletes who wish to put Jesus first in their sports and in their lives.

Character Coaches provide leadership and development teaching for huddles and huddle leaders.

Board Members help the ministry grow via prayer, serving, and giving.

Event and Fundraising Volunteers support the ministry by planning and executing fundraisers for the FCA organization.

If you or your child’s school does not have FCA, you can apply for training on how to become a parent sponsor and how to introduce FCA to your school.  Visit to learn more about who to contact in your area to join or create a Huddle.

Support the FCA: