Meet Houston Missions The Landing (Human Trafficking)

Today’s guest on Meet Houston Missions & The Simmons and Fletcher Local Missions Podcast is Lea Byrd, the Mobilization Manager, for The Landing. The Landing is an organization dedicated to “walking alongside of victims of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.” They are located on Bissonnett Street in Houston, Texas in an area where human trafficking is a known problem.

Drop in Center

The Landing has three main programs to help fight the human trafficking epidemic in Houston. The primary program is their daily open Drop-in Center located on Bissonnet where people trapped in the life can drop in for a meal, clothing, and necessities. In addition to providing for basic needs, The Landing provides a safe space for people trying to escape the lifestyle or empower themselves to overcome it.

The Landing serves as a resource to help human trafficking victims and sex trade workers get an education, get proper identification, find housing, prepare for careers, and ultimately change their lives. The Landing offers a multi-week program to help them prepare themselves for work which includes a graduation, mock job interview, and work attire. They also provide case managers to help them overcome challenges and succeed. Their goal is to provide women with the emotional support, spiritual support, life skills and  work skills to leave behind their past and never turn back.

Youth Advocacy

As part of their program, the Landing provides advocacy for at-risk youth and youth rescued from the human trafficking lifestyle. This includes sending advocates to the police station or hospital to provide the victims with the options on how to change their lives.


Another service that The Landing offers is Outreach. With their location in an area of Houston where sex trafficking is very active, The Landing trains volunteers to send out into the community to raise awareness that they are there to help. In fact, Lea Byrd began her journey with The Landing as a volunteer doing outreach three years ago and is now the Mobilization Manager—in charge of far more than just the volunteer teams.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Landing has about 20 employees and relies heavily on volunteers for their daily Drop-in Center and their Outreach program. If you want to get involved as an outreach person or something more low-key like hanging out or serving meals at the Drop-in Center, they can use your help. To volunteer, visit the website at: or call them at 713-766-1111. They offer regular training for outreach. They also invite groups of 5 to come to provide and serve meals during the day for group opportunities.

Giving Opportunities

There are many ways that you can give to The Landing including their Amazon wish list, donating at their Share the Love collection sites, donating to their events like Back to School, Thanksgiving Dinner, and Christmas wish lists.  All of these opportunities can be discovered on their website or by signing up for their prayer text and newsletter on the website. If you have a heart to give or a heart to serve, they will find a place for you.





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