Meet Houston Missions: Three Graces

On this episode of Meet Houston Missions, we hear from Arden Stone, the CEO and Co-founder of Three Graces Texas. Three Graces Texas is a nonprofit organization aimed at improving the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by building strong foundations through education, corporate accountability, and workforce diversity.

The goal of Three Graces is to work with K-12 school programs, companies, universities career training facilities, and people with IDD to eliminate the negative stigma and discrimination of people with IDD in our communities. Three Graces Texas strives to accomplish their goals Through the following 3 programs:

  • K12 Inclusion Certification Program: Three Graces partners with public and private schools across Texas to create an inclusive campus through disability awareness training with staff and students, educational classes with staff and students, integrated and inclusive activities on campus, expanding PE inclusive equipment, expanding libraries to include disability-friendly literature, and community partnership between schools and local businesses.
  • Inclusive Scholarship Program: Three Graces provides funding for students with IDD to pursue college programs, technical training, and/or any continued education that will further their options for integrated employment. They also work alongside inclusive companies to provide career training, sharpen job interview skills, and resume writing courses for students with IDD. For post-high school students who are unable to pursue continued education, Three Graces Texas works with the community to provide funding for other opportunities such as summer camps and day camps that provide the students with opportunities to socialize within a community.
  • Corporate Connections: Three Graces partners with companies across the Greater Houston area to educate and engage their staff in a program of inclusion designed specifically for their company.

Volunteer & Fundraising Opportunities

Three Graces Texas holds a One Pot Cook-off and a Golf Tournament Fundraiser on order to raise money to supplement the various grants and donations they receive. Three Graces has a great need for volunteers to set up and be involved with partner schools and corporations. They also utilize volunteers for fundraising and to work on grant writing.  Additionally, volunteers are needed to fill current board positions, advocate in the community, and assist with fundraiser events.


If you want to get involved or get your school or corporation involved, visit Three Graces online at

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