What You Need to Know About Small Plane Crashes

Small planes offer freedom, flexibility, and thrills to pilots and passengers alike and, despite an overall decline in air travel since the start of the pandemic, small plane travel remains popular. A number of private small plane owners have started marketing more due to people’s willingness to pay extra for the seclusion of their own plane. However, there are hidden dangers lurking within small plane travel that can have devastating consequences for those in the air and on the ground.

Are Small Planes More Dangerous Than Commercial Planes?

small plane crash siteDespite their benefits, small planes are often more dangerous than commercial planes. Some reasons for this are:

  • Small planes lack some of the safety features that commercial planes have
  • Flying a small plane doesn’t require as much pilot training
  • Pilots have less control over a small plane in inclement weather
  • Higher incidence of wildlife-related crashes due to the lower altitude small planes fly in.

Who May Be Liable For A Small Plane Crash?

If you are the victim of a small plane crash, several parties may be held liable for your injuries depending upon their involvement and actions.  Some of these include the:

  • Airplane pilot
  • Airplane owner
  • Airplane manufacturer
  • Parts manufacturer(s)
  • Air traffic controllers
  • Landing or takeoff airports
  • Maintenance companies.

What To Do After a Small Plane Crash

Determining the cause of a small plane crash requires experts to evaluate the wreckage and the crash data. The underlying cause is often not apparent in airplane crashes. You should also be aware that in some cases, your own insurance policies (accidental death, etc.) may apply in a plane crash. If your loved one was injured or killed in a plane crash, speak to an aviation accident attorney to determine your rights. They can help you evaluate what your rights are. Contact your own insurance agent before flying in a small plane to check your coverage in the event of an accident.