San Antonio Animal Control Phone Numbers

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What Animal Control Services Do I Call in San Antonio?

The phone number for animal control services in the City of San Antonio is 210-207-4738. However, be aware that if you are outside the city limit, there are 8 counties that make up the San Antonio-New Braunfels metropolitan area and each has its own contact number. You need to check your specific County if you are not actually in the city limit.

Bexar County encompasses most of the San Antonio area, which is approximately 500 square miles. So determining who to call can be confusing. The City of San Antonio Animal Care Services Department provides a link to the most updated Animal laws governing the city.

What Animal Control Phone Number Do I Call if I Live in Bexar County?

If you need animal control services in Unincorporated Bexar County call 210-335-9000.  However, for loose livestock in Bexar County, animal control services are available through the Sheriff’s Office at 210-335-6000, option 1.

The Bexar County Animal Control Department was created in 2013 to help residents manage loose animals that pose a threat to the community. Being confronted with a dangerous animal is never a situation one wants to deal with. According to their website, the only animals Bexar County Animal Control will pick up are cats and dogs.

What Animal Control Do I Call if I Live Outside Bexar County?

Bexar County encompasses most of the City of San Antonio; however, for the other counties in unincorporated communities outside of San Antonio, you will need to call the respective county. The phone number for animal control services in these areas can be found below.

  • Atascosa County Animal Control Phone Number: Henry Dominguez 830-769-2341
  • Bandera County Animal Control Phone Number: 830-796-3771
  • Comal County Animal Control Phone Number: 830-608-2016
  • Guadalupe County Animal Control Phone Number: 830-303-8853
  • Kendall County Animal Control Phone Number: 630-553-9256
  • Medina County Animal Control Phone Number: 830-741-6150
  • Wilson County Animal Control Phone Number: 830-393-2535

You can download the list of San Antonio animal control phone numbers here.

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