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PFAS Cancer Lawyer

Will all the press and media on the PFAS lawsuits and how widespread the contamination is across the United States, many people are asking “can I file a PFAS lawsuit?” This page will better help you understand what a PFAS lawsuit is and who may file a PFAS lawsuit. If you believe you have a qualifying PFAS claim, call us to get connected to a PFAS cancer attorney as soon as possible. The initial consultations are always free and you will be changed no fees nor attorney expenses unless a recovery is made for you. Call 800-298-0111 today.

Background on PFAS

PFAS (Perfluoroalkyl and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) a/k/a “forever chemicals” are entirely man-made substances that were created in the 1940s for use on any product that could benefit from their high heat-resistant, water-resistant, and stick-resistant properties. Scotch Guard is an example of a PFAS-based product that applies the PFAS water-resistant properties to virtually anything you wish to increase water resistance in.

PFAS in Products

PFAS can be found in numerous household products.

Common Uses of PFAS

There are over 2000 variations of PFAS and unlimited uses in household products. Some common examples of their use include nonstick coatings on cookware, popcorn bag lining, waterproof sealants/paint, water-resistant makeup and sunblocks, carpet, water-resistant furniture, firefighter foams, lamination, product packaging, and countless other everyday consumer products.

The Environmental Crisis Created by PFAS

As science has progressed, we have begun to understand that PFAS in larger amounts, are harmful to humans. To make matters worse, PFAS are dubbed “forever chemicals” for a reason—they take thousands of years to break down.  So as the product they are used in degrades, they do not. PFAS attaches to the soil attaches to plants, floats in the air, remains intact in water, and attaches themselves to human blood cells.  One study even detected PFAS in raindrops. Over time, PFAs that have been eaten, breathed in, drank, and absorbed through the skin all build up. Some studies have estimated that PFAS are already in at least 94% of all humans. 12 different PFAS have been detected in people’s blood. Thus the problem of PFAS pollution is no small matter.

If Everyone is Exposed to PFAS Does Everyone Have a Case?

No. The problem with the widespread use of PFAS is that there are thousands of potential sources. They’re in your food and water in trace amounts regardless of where it comes from. As a result, these cases pose two challenges: proving liability and proving causation of an injury. Since many people live out their lives and die of other natural causes, PFAS do not do a clearly identifiable harm in many cases. Thus, not everyone is going to have a case where you can prove the necessary elements. Additionally, if the exposed person has passed away from cancer allegedly caused by a certain PFAS exposure, this may pose significant challenges for a wrongful death attorney trying to establish all potential sources of exposure with an injured client to ask questions to.

What PFAS Lawsuits are PFAS Cancer Lawyers Filing?

At present time, our PFAS cancer lawyers are looking at cases where larger amounts of PFAS may be identified in people who were exposed by job or proximity to larger or specific types of PFAS than the general population and they have specific damages linked to PFAS by scientific studies. These tend to be the AFFF or firefighter foam cases, cases near or on army bases, and cases near highly polluted water sources.

The AFFF Cases

The AFFF or firefighter foam cases stem from people who have been exposed to firefighter foam containing large amounts of specific PFAS. What makes these cases very unique is that the PFAS found through blood tests in firefighters who have been exposed to AFFF over years is often as much as 10x greater than that found in the general population according to firefighter foam cancer lawyers. Additionally, when you look at the statistics, 66% of career firefighters die from cancer. The combination of the elevated amounts of PFAS and the disproportionate number of cancer deaths draws a stronger correlation than many of the other types of PFAS claims can establish.

Proximity PFAS Claims:

The proximity claims are primarily either army base proximity claims or polluted water source proximity claims. The Camp Lejeune lawsuits involve PFAS on army bases so prevalent that the land and water sources were heavily contaminated and unsafe. The army base proximity claims are a result of the water and land being contaminated largely by the army’s use of AFFF to extinguish jet engine fuel fires and other hard-to-extinguish blazes. The other water source claims are focused mainly at or near locations that were identified in a study that revealed 3186 contaminated sites across all 50 states in the United States. If you lived around those places for a certain period of time, then establishing the causal connection is easier. You will still need a cancer that is recognized at linked to PFAS exposure in order for most PFAS cancer lawyers to file a PFAS lawsuit on your behalf.

What Cancers Have Been Linked to PFAS Exposure?

Studies have suggested that an increased risk of the following cancers may be linked to PFAS exposure: bladder cancer, breast cancer, kidney cancer, leukemia, liver cancer, lymphoma, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, and certain types of tumors. The most recent study was done by researchers at the University of Michigan who concluded “PFAS chemicals appear to disrupt hormone function in women which is one potential mechanism that increases odds of hormone-related cancers in women,”  However, because other causes must be excluded to a certain degree, PFAS lawyers do not always accept all forms of cancer claims. Often, the courts will determine that some have the required evidence to move forward while others do not. Those that do not, will be dismissed.

What Cancers Qualify for a PFAS Lawsuit?

At present, the cases PFAS cancer lawyers are investigating include those with the following diagnoses:

  • Kidney cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Testicular cancer
  • Ulcerative colitis

All law firms set their own criteria, so other firms may be accepting cases involving other cancers or illnesses based on their own criteria and experts’ opinions.

In addition, you must either be a firefighter or other worker directly or exposed to AFFF in your employment or, to qualify as a general PFAS claimant, you must have lived in a qualifying area and drank the contaminated water for at least 6 months going back no further than 1990 and your cancer diagnosis occurred since 2000.

Where are the Qualifying PFAS Contaminated Areas?

The areas of contamination that our PFAS lawyers are currently investigating and evaluating claims regarding are the following:

  • Alabama: Centre, Guin, Saraland, and Satsuma areas
  • California: East L.A., Fresno, and San Jose areas
  • Colorado: Colorado Springs and Denver areas
  • Florida: Miami, Pensacola, and Stuart areas
  • Illinois: Collinsville area
  • Massachusetts: Ayer, Easton, Hyannis, and Lanes Borough areas
  • New Hampshire: Portsmouth area
  • New Jersey: entire state
  • New York: Hampton Bays
  • North Carolina: Brunswick County and Maysville
  • Ohio: Dayton
  • Pennsylvania: Warminster and Warrington areas
  • South Carolina: Charleston and Clinton

Talk to a PFAS Lawsuit Attorney Today

If you resided in these areas and drank tap water for at least a 6-month period since 1990 and your qualifying cancer was diagnosed after 2000, call us to discuss your options. 800-2980-1111 The magnitude of the PFAS pollution is so great that this lawsuit is predicted to eclipse the asbestos litigation that has spanned decades. There are many different PFAS cancer lawyers who handle different types of PFAS cases from ground contamination to injury to AFFF claims. Our goal is to get you connected with the team best able to pursue your claim effectively and efficiently. We co-counsel with other firms that are leading the charge on different PFAS claims in different areas. Call us today to be connected with the right PFAS lawyer for your specific case. 800-298-0111.



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