Most Dangerous Jobs in Texas

No matter what career field you work in, there are always risks on the job. These five jobs, however, are some of the most dangerous jobs in Texas. What are the risks in these industries and what should you do if you get hurt at work?

Waste Collection

Garbage collectors perform a vital service, but they also put themselves in harm’s way on a regular basis as part of their job. They are prone to sprains, strains, and other ergonomic injuries from lifting heavy objects and performing repetitive movements daily. In addition, they work with heavy machinery like balers and packers, which can cause serious injuries or even fatalities when they malfunction.

Garbage collectors are also at risk for infections. The garbage they handle often includes biological matter and all sorts of bacteria, so infections through skin lesions are unfortunately common.

If those risks weren’t enough, garbage truck accidents can cause serious injury or death. These range from workers falling off moving garbage trucks to collisions with other vehicles and objects.


dangerous jobsConstruction frequently tops the list of the most dangerous jobs, with over 20 percent of worker fatalities in 2019 happening in the construction industry. The presence of heavy machinery on job sites is just one potential hazard. Others include strong electrical currents and scaffolding that is high off the ground. Falls, electrocution, traumatic brain injury, and crush injuries can occur in the blink of an eye on a construction site, so it is imperative to always follow safety procedures.


Truck drivers keep American commerce moving, and you will likely see dozens of 18-wheelers anytime you travel on Texas highways. A trucker’s days can be very long, which is why there are federal limits on the amount of time a truck driver is allowed to be behind the wheel before they must pull over and rest. Despite these limits, driver exhaustion is still a significant factor in many trucking accidents in Texas and elsewhere. Weather and irresponsible driving by others on the road also commonly cause truck accidents, making trucking one of the most dangerous jobs overall.


Any type of construction or home improvement work involves certain dangers, but roofing has the added danger of being on a high surface that is most likely slanted. Fortunately, Texas does not usually see the kind of snowy and icy weather that makes winter an especially dangerous time to be a roofer. Regardless, the risk of fall injuries is still high.

Oilfield Work

The oil industry is huge in Texas, as is the risk of injury as an oilfield worker. Working in an oilfield exposes you to heavy machinery, hazardous chemicals, and the potential for fires and explosions. All of these hazards can result in serious injuries or even fatalities if safety procedures are not followed by both the employer and the workers.

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