Will Automobile Liability Insurance Cover Intentional Acts?

Does Automobile Liability Insurance Cover Intentional Acts?

No, not always. There are many flaws in Texas’ car insurance liability coverage laws. Here’s an example.

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Know what your policy terms mean.

Scenario: A man gets angry because he believes you cut him off or wouldn’t let him in etc. He gets mad and intentionally rams your car. No worries, he has liability insurance, this is an auto collision and this is why we all are required to carry liability insurance right? Wrong.

Under the typical Texas automobile insurance policy, you lose the right to make a claim against a driver who intentionally hits you. There is a specific exclusion that says the insurance company is not obligated to pay a single dime if the insured intentionally causes the collision. It does not matter how much damage he does or who he hurts.

This is one of the many flaws in our current automobile liability insurance laws. Many states have remedied this by going to no-fault insurance. Instead of buying insurance to protect yourself against others suing when you are negligent, all drivers by only coverage for themselves. If you don’t carry insurance, you lose the right to assert any claim against anyone. You buy the amount of coverage you want to be protected for. This also solves the problem of having so many uninsured drivers. You no longer need to rely on them to be responsible and carry sufficient coverage.

Texas has not gone to no-fault insurance. Thus, if you have been injured and suspect the other driver did so intentionally, you should contact a personal injury attorney before you speak to any insurance company or person about the accident. Call Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., for a free consultation today. 800-928-0111.



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