Tips for Filing Injury Claims Against Auto Insurance Companies

Dealing With Insurance Companies After Wrecks

car accident on I-10 between Katy and Houston TX

Not every car accident is the same. Likewise, not every car insurance company is the same. The larger auto insurance companies have local adjusters and lawyers who work exclusively for them known as “captive counsel.” These people are employees of the company whose job is to minimize your claim and thereby minimize the amount the company pays out. Smaller and medium-sized insurance companies often are not large enough to have an adjuster in every city or a law firm on the payroll in every town. There are a number of ways the smaller and mid-sized insurance companies handle claims that range from in-house adjusters to contracting out claims to independent claims adjusting companies. It helps to have a Houston car accident attorney who is familiar with the insurance company handling your claim and how it is set up. This knowledge may play a role in determining the best way to pursue the claim.

Unique Issues in Claims

car accident quizThere are many ways a car wreck can happen.  Below you can find more information on specific types of car accident claims:

Keep in mind that there are many reasons automobile accidents happen. There can be more than one cause of an automobile collision. Juries are often asked to sort out multiple causes and apportion liability among two or more drivers.

What Tactics Will The Insurance Adjuster Use?

It has been our experience that many auto insurance companies of all sizes like to switch adjusters around, forcing the claimant to repeat themselves until they get frustrated and do harm to their own case. This is a common shared tactic of most insurance companies. However, not all of them employ the same tactics. A number of insurance companies use claims-adjusting software such as the infamous Colossus program to devalue your claim. Below are links to specific pages offering tips on dealing with some of the different auto insurance carriers when bringing an injury claim against an auto insurance company:

It helps to be familiar with the company and its specific claims-adjusting tactics before you try to pursue a car accident claim.

Other Frequently Asked Questions