Houston Area Accident/Crash Reports

Houston area How Do I Obtain a Car Accident Report in Houston, Texas?

There are several ways one can obtain a car accident report in Houston:

  • Mail a check or money order for $6.00, payable to The City of Houston, with the necessary crash report request form to HPD, Records Division, 1200 Travis, Houston, TX 77002.
  • Go in person to 1200 Travis, Houston, TX 77002 on the first floor and pay $6.00 to receive a copy of the accident report, or;
  • Order it from the Texas Department of Transportation’s website.

To obtain an accident report through the City of Houston, you will need to consult the Houston Police Department’s Public Affairs Division. Their Open Records Unit manages the disbursement of this information and provides detailed instructions on how to access crash reports; as well as, how to access information from other City Departments.

When are Accident and Crash Reports Available in Houston?

According to the City of Houston’s website, accident and crash reports are not available until 5-8 days after the accident occurred. For more questions about this process, you can consult the Houston Police Department’s Records Division at 713-308-8585. Please be aware that accidents involving fatalities or complex issues may take longer to finalize and be released to the public. Obtaining a Houston accident report today–when we all want it–may not be possible. But with patience, you can obtain Houston police report online and avoid standing in line.

How Do I Obtain a Crash Report From the Harris County Sheriff’s Office?

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office provides 2 ways one can access a crash report in Harris County:

  •  In-person at a district substation or county office, or
  • Online through LexisNexis Police Reports portal. Crash reports are $6.00 for Harris County and $8.00 if you need a certified copy.

Where Can I Purchase an Accident Report in Harris County in Person?

The locations at which you can purchase a Harris County crash report are:

  • District 1 Substation – 6831 Cypresswood, Spring, Texas 77379. Phone: 281-376-2997
  • District 2 Substation – 7900 Will Clayton, Humble, Texas 77338. Phone: 281-446-9155
  • District 3 Substation – 14350 Wallisville, Houston, Texas 77049. Phone: 713-455-8050
  • District 4 Substation – 16715 Clay Rd., Houston, Texas 77084. Phone: 281-463-2648
  • District 5 Substation – 23828 Tomball Pkwy., Tomball, Texas 77375. Phone: 281-290-2100
  • Vehicular Crimes – 3540 W. Dallas, Houston, Texas 77019. Phone: 713-274-7400.

Special Circumstances

Sometimes, accident reports are not made available to the public immediately. This may happen if there is a death involved or if there is an ongoing criminal investigation delaying issuing the report. If this is the case all you can do is wait and give the investigating department time to conclude their investigation.

Car Accidents Involving Injuries

If you are injured due to an auto accident in Houston, Texas, call us for a free consultation. If we take your case, you can let us monitor the websites and pull a police report when they come out so you can focus on your recovery. You also do not pay us a dime unless we make a recovery.

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