Obtaining a Crash Report in Fort Worth

Our Texas car accident law firm has been helping injured car accident victims across the state of Texas since 1979, providing free consultations and charging no fees nor attorney expenses on cases we take unless we make a recovery for you. One of the first steps we take in pursuing our client’s interests is often obtaining a car accident crash report. Whether you hire an attorney or not, you will probably want to obtain a copy of the police report. Below we have compiled helpful information on how to locate a car crash report in the Fort Worth area.

How Do I Get an Accident Report in Fort Worth?

You can request an online copy of a Fort Worth accident report online or from the Fort Worth Police Department Records and Reports division. You can request an online copy of a Fort Worth accident report online via their website (https://police.fortworthtexas.gov/).  Or, you can reach the Fort Worth Police Department Records and Reports division at 817-398-4160. It may take up to 10 days before a report is available through the City of Fort Worth, as they are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can also request a copy of an accident report by mail or in person at 1000 Calvert St., Fort Worth, TX 76107.

How Do I Get a Crash Report From Tarrant County?

cop talking to accident victimTo order an accident report in Tarrant County, contact the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Records Division at 817-884-2942. You can also request a copy of an accident report by:

  • Email to: [email protected]
  • Mail or in-person at the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office Records Division, 200 Taylor Street, 6th floor, Fort Worth, TX 76196
  • Fax to: 817884-2939

When at the scene of an accident, be sure to ask for a report number from the police officer making the accident report. This will help expedite the process of finding the requested crash report.

Accident Reports in Other Cities Around DFW

If you are involved in a car accident just outside the City of Fort Worth, you may find yourself in one of the smaller municipalities that make up the Dallas/Fort Worth area. While some have local resources available, there may be somewhere your best option is to use the Texas Department of Transportation’s Crash Report Online Purchasing System.

How Do I Get an Accident Report in Denton County?

To request an online copy of a crash report in Denton County, you must create a profile on the county website or use the state’s reporting system. Feel free to call the Denton County Police Department’s Custodian of Records at 940-349-1630.

How Do I Obtain an Accident Report in Johnson County?

If you are involved in an accident in Johnson County and need to request a copy of the crash report, you do so online through the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office website (http://www.jocosheriff.org/). It can take 7 to 10 days before an accident report is approved by a Sergeant and made available online. Call 913-782-0720 for more information.

How Do I Request an Accident Report in Parker County?

All requests for accident reports made directly through the Parker County Sheriff’s Office must be made in writing by email, phone, or mail. Thus, there are 3 ways you can request an accident report in Parker County:

How Do I Request an Accident Report in Wise County?

To request an accident report in Wise County, you can use the open records request form provided by the Wise County Sheriff’s Office. Crash reports generally take 10 working days to process and are made available. Call 940-627-5971 for more information.

Other Resources for Requesting Accident Reports in Texas

At Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., our car accident lawyers have been helping accident victims recover compensation for their injuries across the State of Texas. If you need assistance with your accident claim or with obtaining a copy of your police crash report, please feel free to call us. We understand how difficult it can be to navigate a claim, regardless of where you are. This is one of the reasons why we have compiled a list of resources you can use to request an accident report in Texas.




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