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From slipping in your local grocery store to an ill-fated merge on the highway, a personal injury accident can happen in numerous ways. Equally wide-ranging is the severity of each accident and the toll it takes on the injured parties. If you or a loved one has been a victim in any kind of personal injury accident, from a motor vehicle accident to a dog bite, we’re here to help.

At Simmons & Fletcher, we have one goal: providing service to our clients and community with the utmost diligence, empathy, and knowledge of the law.

Since 1979, our personal injury law firm has been fighting for accident victims like you, working hard to get you the care and compensation you deserve. We have decades of experience in numerous practice areas, including trucking accidents and handling wrongful death claims. Whatever your story and whatever support you need, our legal team of personal injury trial lawyers in Fort Worth, TX is here to help.

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After your free consultation, we work on a contingency fee, meaning you will not pay any fees unless we win your personal injury case. Read on for exactly how a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer can help you file your important claim and seek the justice you deserve.

What Are the Common Types of  Personal Injury Cases?

Personal injury claims can come from many types of personal injury incidents, the most common being motor vehicle accidents. According to the accident statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation, the state saw 18,880 victims of serious injury in traffic collisions in 2022.

While car accidents often cause personal injury, anyone can experience serious injuries in the workplace, the hospital, or even someone else’s home.

Fortunately, each personal injury lawyer at Simmons & Fletcher, P.C. is skilled in many practice areas related to personal injury.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

A motor vehicle accident claim may include cases involving car accidents, truck accidents, or motorcycle accidents. In any case, such a crash can cause severe injuries to the driver and passengers. Fort Worth car accidents and Fort Worth truck accidents happen more often than we’d like.

Similarly, motorcycle accidents happen frequently due to congestion and heavy traffic in the Fort Worth, TX area. If you’ve suffered an injury and your car, truck, or motorcycle accident occurred due to another party’s negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Experienced and dedicated Fort Worth personal injury lawyers will do their best work on your behalf and help you hold the responsible parties accountable.

Other types of auto accidents might include:

    • Pedestrian accidents;
    • Drunk driving accidents
    • And Bicycle accidents

on the job injuryWorkplace Accidents

Work-related accidents happen every day and are another frequent cause of personal injury in Fort Worth, TX. These on-duty cases usually deal with:

  • Transportation incidents;
  • Machine malfunctions;
  • Or slips and falls in the workplace.

These personal injury cases can be especially tricky since they might involve filing a claim against your employer or company. A Fort Worth personal injury lawyer can help you navigate this situation with care and support, finding the most just outcome for you and your livelihood.

Premises Liability

slip and fall warning signPremises liability may apply if your injury was due to unsafe conditions on someone else’s property. Some of the most common premise liability claims include:

  • Slip and falls;
  • And construction accidents.

For example, you may slip and fall in a grocery store or around a swimming pool. Or, perhaps a friend or family member was injured due to negligence at an amusement park or in an elevator. Whatever the case, the property owner where you were injured can be held accountable for your compensation. Property owners have a duty of care, which means they are required to provide a safe environment for invited visitors. If you’ve been injured because a property owner shirked that duty, a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer can fight for your case and protect your rights.

Defective DrugsProduct Liability

Product liability cases result from product defects and malfunctioning devices that lead to injury. These claims can include defective medical devices, like an EpiPen that fails to inject, or dangerous products marketed as safe, like toxic baby formulas. A product liability injury can feel especially unjust, as it often stems from someone else’s greed or sloppy work. An empathetic and experienced Fort Worth personal injury attorney can take on your case and get you the justice you deserve.

What Injuries Are Common in Ft. Worth Personal Injury Cases?

Unexpected accidents can result in severe injuries and ongoing repercussions for their victims. Whatever injuries you have suffered, and whatever the severity, you have our most profound compassion and support. Many of the cases handled by a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer involve these types of injuries:

  • Traumatic brain injuries;
  • Spinal cord injuries;
  • Scarring and disfigurement;
  • Back injuries;
  • Soft tissue damage;
  • Eye injuries.

Among these damaging injuries, the most tragic cases result in wrongful death. Losing a loved one to an unexpected accident is an unimaginable situation, and we’re here to help you through it. We want to offer you a free consultation, where we will make sure you understand your rights, your personal injury case, and your next steps to receive compensation and justice. Let us help you find some light at the end of the tunnel ⎯ all you have to do is pick up a phone and dial (713) 932-0777.

What Compensation Can You Recover?

After experiencing a personal injury, you may be entitled to compensation. In this case, a personal injury claim can help recover compensation for the financial, physical, and emotional expenses that you’ve incurred during this ordeal. Depending on the circumstances, your personal injury damages may cover:

  • Medical expenses and medical treatment, including past and future medical bills;
  • Property damage;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Mental anguish and emotional distress;
  • Loss of enjoyment and quality of life;
  • Lost wages and earning capacity;
  • Punitive damages brought against a negligent third party.

In the case of wrongful death or severe injury, you may also be entitled to loss of consortium. This compensation refers to the loss of companionship when one member of a relationship or family has been significantly hurt or has passed away. A loved one (often a family member or spouse) can claim loss of consortium to recover the emotional damages that have impacted their life. While these losses are immense, the claim can be difficult to prove.

That’s why a skilled Fort Worth personal injury lawyer is needed to fight for all types of compensation and recovered damages. We highly recommend that you hire a lawyer to handle your case and get the best legal representation possible. Contact us today using the call now button to reach our team of attorneys with years of combined experience in Texas personal injury law.

How Do I File a Personal Injury Claim in Fort Worth, TX?

After you have experienced an accident that caused personal injury, your priority should be looking after yourself and your well-being. Once you have safely recovered from the immediate shock of your accident, it’s time to find a skilled personal injury attorney who can help you the rest of the way. It can be a confusing and overwhelming process to file a claim, communicate with insurance companies, and take care of yourself all at once.

In Fort Worth, TX, you have two years from the date of injury to file a claim for personal injury. This two-year limit is due to the statute of limitations on personal injury. A Fort Worth personal injury attorney can help build you a strong case and bring it to court on time.

File a Claim

An experienced Fort Worth personal injury attorney will help you identify the damages you’ve suffered and how much compensation you are owed. If we can take on your case after your free consultation, we will file the claim on your behalf and give you your best chance at compensation.

Collect Evidence

We will speak with you and any third parties or witnesses involved in your accident. We will gather evidence to determine the cause of the accident and review your medical reports and injuries. We will work tirelessly as your dedicated legal advocates.

Negotiate with Insurance Companies

We understand that insurance companies, both your own and that of the at-fault party, can be stressful to negotiate with. That’s why we make that our job. We will communicate with the insurance company of any negligent party involved in the incident, whether that be your workplace, a doctor, or a private citizen. A knowledgeable attorney will know exactly how much insurance companies should offer you based on the law, so you’ll never have to worry about not getting the full amount you’re owed.

File a Lawsuit and Bring Your Case to Trial

You want to be represented by a confident, capable, knowledgeable trial lawyer. That’s our team at Simmons & Fletcher, P.C. where every personal injury attorney is well-equipped with litigation skills and legal resources. We will fight for the maximum settlement on your case, and you won’t owe us anything unless we win your case.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Injury in Fort Worth, Texas

How much money can I recover in my personal injury case?

Each personal injury case in Fort Worth, TX is unique and the amount of money you can receive depends on the type of accident and resulting damages. A Fort Worth car accident case is worth a certain amount, but we can fight for extra compensation if there is a wrongful death claim or if you’ve lost income or business as a result of your injuries. While we can’t tell you exactly what your case is worth, we can say that we’ll work tirelessly to help you get the results you want. If you’ve experienced an accident in Texas, contact us today to find out what your case is worth.

What does it cost to hire personal injury attorneys for injuries in Fort Worth, TX?

At Simmons & Fletcher, there is no cost to hire a personal injury or car accident lawyer. The personal injury lawyers at Simmons & Fletcher, P.C are proud to serve families in Fort Worth, TX, providing top results with zero up-front costs. Everyone should get fair representation, and a skilled attorney from our law firm can level the playing field in the courtroom. Your first consultation is free, and if we are available to take your case, our firm will use its vast experience in personal injury law to get you a favorable outcome. You won’t owe us a cent unless we win your personal injury case.

What if I was partially at fault in my personal injury accident?

Firstly, go easy on yourself ⎯ we’re all human and make mistakes. You are still eligible for compensation if you were injured in a car accident, motorcycle accident, or another accident that was partially your fault. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Fort Worth, TX will use their knowledge of Texas law to strengthen your claim. Specifically, skilled personal injury lawyers will use comparative negligence, which states you can recover compensation for personal injury unless 51% or more of the accident was your fault. To determine your comparative fault, the team at Simmons & Fletcher, P.C. can conduct an investigation into the accident, the defendant, and, in the case of an auto accident, any driver.

Why should I hire a lawyer for a Fort Worth personal injury from Simmons & Fletcher?

Our favorite question to have asked and answered: Why choose a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer from Simmons & Fletcher? We could talk all day about the pride we have in our team and the communities we serve, but we’ll give you the highlights:

  • Our compassionate Christian trial attorneys are certified in personal injury law;
  • Our personal injury lawyers dedicate their time and effort to every client.
  • Our firm gets results, with some of our settlements reaching millions.
  • We use our personal injury resources to help you pursue just compensation in your case.

More information about our firm, business, and practice areas is available on our social media page and dedicated legal blog. Are you looking for outstanding results? Call us today: (713) 932-0777.

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