Filing Claims With Farmers Insurance

Tips for Filing Farmers Insurance Claims

Farmer’s Insurance Group is a subsidiary of Zurich Insurance Group a 400-billion-dollar company. Other divisions of the company include: 21st Century Insurance, Foremost Insurance, Farmers Life, Bristol West Insurance, Farmers Insurance Exchange, and Mid-Century Insurance Company, LLC are subsidiaries of Farmer’s Insurance Group. They are big and they know it. Farmer’s companies and Farmer’s claims adjusters have the resources to fight any Farmers Insurance claims at their disposal. Farmers Insurance is the third-largest private auto insurer in Texas behind State Farm Insurance and Progressive Insurance.

Mid-Century Insurance Claims

Mid-Century tends to be a provider of higher-line and higher-limit insurance. It is generally a Standard auto insurance policy. Usually, the policyholders have to have a better driving history and/or record. The limits may be much higher than minimum limits if the policyholder chooses to purchase that type of coverage.

21st Century Insurance Claims

21st Century Insurance tends to be the lower or minimum limits insurance line. 21st Century is known for providing insurance policies to high-risk drivers and drivers with past driving issues. They sell policies directly to the customer online or via an app. They do not have stores where you can go in and speak to an agent. This also enables them to compete with lower-rate, non-standard insurance providers. If you get hit by someone with 21st Century Insurance, they are probably not carrying very high limits in coverage.

Farmers Claims Adjusting

Farmers Insurance Company was named number 7 on the 10 Worst Insurance Companies in America list by the American Association for Justice. In cases cited therein, Farmers was reported to have offered incentives to adjusters for low-balling claimants in their offers and dissuading claimants from seeking attorneys. Keep in mind that Farmers adjusters work for the company, not for you. Their job, like any adjuster, is to avoid paying out any more than they have to on Farmers insurance claims. If any insurance adjuster asks you for a recorded statement you should seek legal advice beforehand. Farmers Insurance Company is also known for its use of the infamous Colossus software to analyze Farmers Insurance claims. They are generally considered to use it more as a comparative tool or guideline than a hard-and-fast rule like some insurance carriers.

How Does Farmers Insurance Company Calculate Pain and Suffering?

There is no set formula by which Farmers will always calculate pain and suffering.  Farmers Insurance uses Colossus software to value cases including pain and suffering awards in many cases. It often feels like little to nothing because they typically audit the medical bills down to less than their actual cost.  Getting them to pay more often requires you to come up with documentation that will make Colossus value your pain and suffering higher. Having an accident attorney who understands how Colossus works can be beneficial to you in documenting your pain and suffering.

Tips for All Insurance Claims

In any insurance claim that you file against an auto insurance company, be aware that they are there to minimize the cost to them. Adjusters are often quite skilled at getting the unsuspecting accident victim to say inaccuracies about the case that can later be used to deny the claim. You should never give a recorded statement to an opposing driver’s insurance company without consulting a lawyer first. Call Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., for a free consultation on your auto claim today at 800-291-0111.