Making Claims Against Germania Insurance

Germania Insurance Background

Germania Insurance began as the Germania Mutual Aid Association a farm mutual insurance back in 1896 in Perry, Texas. The purpose was to distribute risk across Texas member farms. Since then it has grown to a thriving Insurance business with over 200,000 members across Texas. Germania further offers a wide variety of insurance products including home and auto insurance.  They are probably most recognized by their office located in Brenham, Texas along Highway 290.

Germania Claims

Germania only offers insurance in Texas. They are, as a result, smaller than many other insurers which can make reaching adjusters when you need them difficult at times. Especially in times of floods and other catastrophes when there are tons of farmers’ and homeowners’ claims to be dealt with.

Germania Car Accident Claims

Germania has several “preferred” repair shops they will recommend that you use. You are not required to use their repair shop.  The risk of using a repair shop provided by the other party’s insurance adjuster is that many times their “preferred” shops will use aftermarket or generic auto parts to save money for the insurance company. If you have a vehicle that may have collector value someday, you will want to pick your own shop for sure to ensure comparable replacement parts are used. If the car is not repairable, fair market value is the measure that is used to determine the amount they owe you. However, determining fair market value in today’s used car market and inflated steel price economy can be a bone of contention. The Kelly Blue Book and NADA guidelines are typically used even though they may not accurately reflect what you can find on the market.

Germania Auto Policies

Germania typically sells standard auto policies in amounts ranging from the minimum to as much as the client needs.  This means a Germania insured may be carrying as little as $30,000.00 in auto coverage or they may have a $500,000 policy with a million-dollar or more umbrella policy behind it to protect the farm assets from judgment creditors. They do not have to disclose to you how high their limits are when you file a claim. The only way to legally force the adjuster to tell you the policy limits when they refuse is to file a lawsuit and force them to disclose the information in the discovery process.  If you have serious injuries, you should not settle with them without determining how much coverage is really available.

Filing Personal Injury Auto Claims with Germania

When filing a claim for injury with Germania, you will need to have adequate documentation of your injury and the bills incurred. Insurance companies do not typically pay your bills as you go. Rather, you will likely need to undergo your medical care and then prepare a demand letter and submit your documentation of injury, bills and lost wages.

Consult Car Accident Lawyer for Questions

Anytime you file an auto insurance claim, whether it is with Germania or any other insurer, you need to be aware that they owe their duties to their own insured and the company that employs them, not to you.  If you do choose to file the claim on your own, please be aware that Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. offer free consultations. If you suspect that you are being lowballed or given an unfair settlement offer, a Texas car accident lawyer may be able to help you get the compensation you deserve. Please feel free to call us at: (713) 932-0777 for a free consultation about your Germania injury claim.



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