Liberty Mutual and Safeco Claims

Liberty Mutual Insurance and Safeco Insurance Claims

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Liberty Mutual Insurance a/k/a Liberty Mutual Group is the fourth-largest property and casualty insurer in the United States. Liberty Mutual is based in Boston, Massachusetts but has insurance companies in at least 19 other countries.  Policyholders are considered shareholders of the company.

Liberty Mutual Claims vs Safeco Claims

Prior to 2008, Liberty Mutual was viewed by our firm as one of the more reasonable insurance companies in Texas. They made reasonable efforts to settle Liberty Mutual claims promptly and for acceptable amounts. In 2008, they acquired Safeco Insurance and made them a part of the Liberty Mutual Group.  This resulted in the blending of assets and claims adjusters.  The Safeco insurance adjuster approach was, in our opinion, much more combative. Since the blending of the two, Liberty Mutual does not make offers as freely or reasonably as it seemed before. This, in our opinion, has made it more often necessary to file lawsuits against Liberty Mutual and Safeco insureds in order to make a fair recovery for an injured accident victim. Don’t be surprised if you run into a battle when filing Liberty Mutual claims or Safeco claims. (Note: Safeco is not the same as Safe Auto.)

Lawsuits Against Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance

Lawsuits filed against insureds of Liberty Mutual in the Houston area are often defended by the law firm of Kilpatrick, White, and Deas. This firm has acted as this company’s counsel for many years. They also handle much of the Safeco claim defense since the merger.  The attorneys at Kilpatrick, White, and Deas are professionals and good attorneys. They are generally easy to work with but will put up a good battle if the case goes to trial.  However, often filing a lawsuit and getting an attorney involved whom the adjuster will sometimes listen to better than a claimant can be instrumental in getting the claim resolved.

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