Fort Worth Animal Control Phone Number

What is the Phone Number for Fort Worth Animal Control Services?

The primary number for Fort Worth Animal Care & Control is 817-392-1234. They provide all services including adoptions, animal control, reclaims, and rescues. With the number of cities located in the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) area, one can easily become confused when trying to locate an animal control phone number.

What is the Animal Control Phone Number for Tarrant County?

dog behind a fenceIf you live in Tarrant County, but not within particular city limits, then for animal control services in Tarrant County call 817-844-1213 to be connected to the Sheriff’s Dispatch.

Tarrant County is an urban county located in North Texas. The county seat is currently Fort Worth and is home to more than 1.5 million citizens. Because of this, there are several cities in the County that have their own animal control services.

Other City Animal Controls in Tarrant County

Below is a list we have complied of animal control phone numbers in cities in and around Tarrant County. Generally, if you are in a city, go by the City animal control services, if not, call the county.

  • Azle Animal Control: 817-444-8215
  • Arlington Animal Services: 817-459-5898
  • City of White Settlement Animal Shelter 817-246-1043
  • Wise County Animal Control 940-627-7577
  • Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter 817-598-4111
  • University Park Animal Control 214-987-5371
  • Watauga Animal Control 817-656-9614
  • Trophy Club Animal Control 682-831-4621
  • Fort Worth Animal Care and Control: 817-392-1234
  • Benbrook Animal Control: 817-249-1610
  • City of Burleson Animal Services: 817-426-9283
  • City of Cleburne Animal Control: 817-556-8895
  • Crowley Animal Control: 817-297-2201 x3300
  • City of Hurst Animal Services Center: 817-788-7216
  • Keller Animal Services and Adoptions: 817-743-4710
  • Kennedale Animal Services: 817-985-2163
  • Colleyville Animal Services: 817-743-4516
  • Mansfield Animal Care and Control: 817-276-4799
  • North Richland Hills Animal Adoption and Rescue Center: 817-427-6570
  • Richland Hills Animal Services Center: 817-616-3769

Due to the dozens of cities that encompass the DFW area, we have listed several of the Dallas animal control phone numbers here. The best way to ensure you are fully protected when faced with stray or dangerous animals is to contact your municipality’s Animal Control or Code Compliance office. We have also provided a downloadable list of Local Fort Worth Animal Control Agencies.

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