Dog Bite Ordinances for Southeast Texas

Dangerous Dog Codes and Leash Laws For Houston, Harris County, and Surrounding Areas

A beware of dog sign on fence.

Unlike most other areas of personal injury law, dog bite ordinances are not entirely the same from city to city.  There are City Municipal Codes as well as County Codes that must be considered when trying to determine what the rules and regulations are in a particular area.  Below is a collection of some of the applicable codes for Houston and surrounding areas. Generally, if there are city municipal codes, that apply, you go by them. County Codes typically kick in when the attack occurs outside the city limits in unincorporated areas within the county. Additionally, Texas Health & Safety Code Chapter 822 applies to bites all over the State of Texas.

If you do not find your city dog bite ordinance via the list above, there are several code services and law libraries that you can look at to find your City’s dog bite ordinances.  If you still need help determining what codes apply to your case, please feel free to call our dog bite attorneys for a free consultation: 713-932-0777; or check with your local animal control.