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What are Maritime Accidents?

Maritime accidents refer to accidental injuries involving persons working on or around navigable waters–that is bodies of water used for interstate or international commerce and include interconnected systems of lakes, rivers seas, and oceans.  This often involves injuries sustained while working on on oil platforms, boats, cargo ships and other sea-faring  vessels or along shoreline docks, sea terminals or rivers around or connecting to the Gulf of Mexico.

Maritime Worker Status

Depending upon the injured person’s status, he may have several avenues of recourse including a claim under the Longshore and Harbormen’s Act, the Jones Act or state common law personal injury laws. A maritime injury lawyer can determine the proper status of an injured worker so that the right claim may be filed.  The Merchant Seaman Protection and Relief Act of 1920 a/k/a the “Jones Act” was a law designed to create a similar protection as worker’s compensation for people injured while working as a longshoreman, seaman or other marine workers.  The act allows injured workers to file claims for benefits to cover damages that they suffer while working in the admiralty and maritime field.  In these cases, often the pivotal issue is whether the vessel itself was seaworthy or whether the captain’s negligence was the cause of the injury.

Damages a Maritime Accident Lawyer May be Able to Recover

If you are injured while at sea and the ship you were on is shown to be unseaworthy, you are entitled to recover damages.  Those damages may include compensation for the following:

  • Medical costs past and future
  • Loss wages and loss of earning capacity
  • Physical pain
  • Mental anguish
  • Physical limitations
  • Disfigurement

Statute of Limitations in Maritime Injury Claims

The Statute of limitations is a deadline by which your injury lawsuit/claim must be filed or you loose the right to bring it. Because offshore injuries may fall under different Federal and State laws, the statute of limitations may also vary from case to case.  You should consult an maritime injury lawyer immediately to determine your rights and limitations since failure to do so may result in your case being barred forever.

For more information, please read: What Statute of Limitations Applies in Admiralty and Maritime Personal Injury Actions?

Types of Maritime Cases

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The Port of Houston and Galveston are home to a substantial amount of shipping. The Houston ship channel allows many companies to import and export oil, goods and other wares from loading docks. Additionally, Texas City has a substantial amount of shipping on oceanic vessels going in and out.

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