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Most Common Causes of 18 Wheeler Accidents in Houston

Each year, thousands of automobile occupants are injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents involving a large truck, an 18-wheeler, or another commercial vehicle. While the average car weighs somewhere around 4,000 pounds, an 18-wheeler can weigh anywhere from 35,000 to 80,000... Read More >

Driver Fatigue Likely Cause of Fatal San Antonio Truck Accident

San Antonio, Texas Tragedy struck on January 23, 2021, when an 18 wheeler flew off of an I-37 overpass and crashed, bursting into flames.  The trapped driver was unable to escape before flames engulfed the cab. According to investigators, the truck struck a guard rail and... Read More >

Understanding the Truck Driver’s Duty to Secure the Load

Sometimes even a property secured load requires escort vehicles as an extra precaution. A commercial truck driver is responsible for many things when they climb behind the wheel. One of the most important is making sure to secure the load. A shifting load in transit may not... Read More >

Maintaining 18-Wheeler Tires to Prevent Truck Tire Blowouts

The Federal Motor Carrier Regulations contain numerous rules regarding what kinds of tires may be used on different commercial motor vehicles and how they must be maintained. At a glance, the rules may seem excessive. However, they all have one goal in common—to prevent truck... Read More >

The Dangers of Distracted Driving by Commercial Truck Drivers

Distracted driving is dangerous whether the vehicle is a passenger car, a motorcycle, a bus, a large truck, or another type of commercial motor vehicle. However, distracted driving by commercial truck drivers can present an increased risk. Large trucks and buses are much... Read More >