Hit-and-Run Accidents are All too Common in Houston

hit-and-run victimHit-and-run accidents are a weekly and sometimes daily occurrence in Houston and the surrounding areas. According to a report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Texas ranks number 8 in states with the highest number of hit-and-run accidents nationwide. Over 2000 people are killed annually in Texas in hit-and-run accidents.  Analysis of the data reveals that 65% of the fatal hit and run accidents involved bicyclists or foot traffic.

The Most Recent Hit-and-Run in Houston

According to an ABC Channel 13 News story, a man was recently killed while in a crosswalk by a tow truck driver who after striking the man, failed to stop and render aid. The unfortunate pedestrian was deceased upon arrival of the first responders.

Your Odds

In Houston, chances are likely that you will be in an auto accident if you spend a significant amount of time driving.  Furthermore, the likelihood of being involved in a hit-and-run accident is approximately 1 in 10 based on the data provided by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

What Should I do if I’m the Victim of a Hit-and-Run?

 If you are the victim of a hit-and-run accident, it is important that you remain calm, remain at the scene, and document the evidence.  Do not ever attempt to chase down the driver. This course of action can lead to unforeseen and tragic consequences not only for you but also for the public at large. And, it is likely a total waste of your time because the reason people flee the scene of a wreck is usually that they have no car insurance and no money to pay for your damages.   If you are injured, call an ambulance for assistance.

Next, call the police, remain at the scene, and get somewhere safe. If your car is impeding traffic and you can safely move it aside, move the vehicle.  Also, once you are out of harm’s way, snap pictures of the damage to your vehicle. It is particularly important that you get close-ups that show any paint left b the other vehicle.  This can help prove your case later.

Your insurance will want a police report so make sure you wait for the officer and insist upon a police report. Then, contact your insurance company.


If you have a newer car, you likely have full coverage. In this event, comp and collision coverage will cover the car repairs. For injuries, you will have to look to your personal injury protection (PIP) and/or uninsured motorist coverage. You should check your policy today to be sure you have both of those coverages. Some estimates suggest that about half the drivers in Houston, Texas are not carrying any liability insurance coverage.

Virtually all insurance companies offer uninsured motorist and PIP. However, these are completely optional.  If you do not select it, you will be left out in the cold when an uninsured driver hits you. Hit-and-run drivers who are never caught are deemed to be uninsured motorists. Check your policy to make sure you are carrying these protections.

Putting the Pieces Back Together

There is no question that a hit-and-run accident can be one of the most devastating and traumatic experiences a person can go through. When you hire a lawyer for a hit-and-run accident, the lawyer can relieve much of the stress of dealing with the claim. People who are injured in hit-and-run accidents may face many new challenges to face that can range from physical rehabilitation to the financial burden of income loss due to the inability to earn an income from their injuries. If you have been injured in a hit and run accident, do not fight the battle alone. Call an attorney to discuss your options at no cost to you today.