Unsafe Lane Changes

What Is An Unsafe Lane Change?

An unsafe lane change can occur when a driver:

  • Begins signaling after entering a different lane
  • Changes lanes without signaling
  • Drives in the middle of two lanes for an extended period of time, or
  • Fails to properly check their surroundings for oncoming vehicles.

Unfortunately, unsafe lane changes are a common occurrence on Houston roadways, and can often result in an automobile accident. Making a lane change too quickly due to road conditions or other factors can also contribute to unsafe lane changes. Talk to a car wreck lawyer if someone made an unsafe lane change and wrecked your life.

How Do Unsafe Lane Changes Cause Car Accidents?

car with brake lights approaching traffic jamWhen too little room is left between two vehicles or a driver is unsuspecting of another vehicle, accidents may occur. Changing lanes can be difficult for a variety of factors, which is why drivers are always expected to follow the rules of the road.

When a driver changes lanes under unsafe conditions, it not only forces the cars directly around them to adjust, but it can ultimately lead to devastating effects. For example, when a driver changes lanes without signaling, it can cause a ripple effect of vehicles swerving to avoid one another. If an oncoming vehicle is too close to a vehicle that is changing lanes without signaling, they may be struck by the rear of the vehicle as it attempts to change lanes.

What Can Cause An Unsafe Lane Change?

A majority of unsafe lane changes occur due to drivers who are in a rush or are not paying proper attention to the road. Other factors that can contribute to unsafe lane changes include:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Driving while physically or mentally fatigued
  • Using your cellphone while driving, or
  • Not properly checking blind spots before changing lanes.

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