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If you have suffered a whiplash injury due to someone else’s negligence, you should speak to a whiplash lawyer immediately to learn your rights. Failure to obtain treatment for a whiplash injury may not only result in your injury not healing timely, but it may also leave you in a  position where insurance adjusters deny your claim due to their prejudice against these types of invisible injuries. Contact an experienced car accident attorney who knows how to deal with these insurance adjusters today.

What is Whiplash?

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Whiplash is a term for a neck injury that occurs when you are suddenly thrown forward or backward with great force, causing the lower bones in your neck to become hyper-extended and the upper bones to become hyper-flexed. Also known as an acceleration/deceleration injury, when the neck is forced into this unnatural curved position, the soft tissue including the ligaments, muscles, and facet capsules may experience damage. If the brain is sufficiently whipped back and forth inside the skull, it may also result in a mild traumatic brain injury.

While likely not life-threatening, whiplash is painful and often expensive to treat. If you or a loved one is the victim of an accident that resulted in whiplash, contact Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., Injury & Accident Lawyers to see how we can help!

What Causes Whiplash?

Car accidents are a common cause of whiplash injuries; typically, rear-impact collisions where a victim is in a non-moving vehicle and is hit from the back and thrown forward. However, any type of accident where a person experiences a sudden sharp movement of the head or neck can be a potential cause of whiplash.

What are the Symptoms of Whiplash?

The following symptoms may indicate when someone is suffering from whiplash:

  • Neck discomfort and stiffness
  • Headaches
  • Pain and stiffness in the shoulders
  • Fatigue
  • A feeling of being dizzy
  • Arm pain or weakness
  • Pain in the jaw (TMJ)
  • Eye problems or visual disturbances
  • Tinnitus (ringing in your ears)
  • Discomfort or pain in your back.

Diagnosing whiplash can prove challenging because there are no conclusive medical tests for the condition. In other words, X-rays, MRIs, and other diagnostic devices may not be able to pinpoint that you have whiplash.

On top of physical pain, whiplash can result in depression, anxiety, anger, post-traumatic stress disorder, and dependency on painkillers. Sometimes people suffer from these whiplash symptoms for a long time or on an ongoing basis, despite treatment efforts. Those with whiplash may be limited in their ability to work or unable to work at all. In addition, whiplash can prevent victims from doing their routine activities or things that they enjoy.

Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. Can Handle Your Whiplash Lawsuit

If you have experienced a whiplash injury, you may be able to seek legal compensation from the person or entity that caused your accident and resulting injuries. Both workers’ compensation and a whiplash lawsuit may help you to get the compensation you deserve depending on the cause and circumstances surrounding your whiplash injury.

To learn more about whiplash lawsuits, contact Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., today to schedule a free consultation with a Houston personal injury attorney. We represent injured whiplash victims throughout the greater Houston area and clients pay only if we win!

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