Meet Houston Missions: Feed the Hunger

In this episode of Meet Houston Missions, we talk to Regina Alexander, Packathon Coordinator for Feed the Hunger. Feed the Hunger is a mission that enables people to act locally to help feed hunger and needs worldwide.  Feed the Hunger was originally based out of North Carolina but now has a large warehouse in Houston, Texas. This allows them to carry out their mission of setting up food and needed supplies packing parties locally and across Texas.

Founded in 1968, Feed the Hunger has grown to 55 partners in 26 different countries, packed and delivered over 40 million meals, distributed over 27,904 Bibles, distributed over 1800 school supply packed backpacks, and helped over 13,000 children through their programs.

The way Feed the Hunger works is that they coordinate 4 moving parts to bring people together into a fun mission project that takes the volunteers only a few hours but makes a huge difference in the lives of the needy worldwide. Feed the Hunger seeks out a location for a party, sponsors (if necessary) to purchase the dehydrated food, volunteers to pack the food, and then supplies the food to be backed so that hundreds of packed meals can be churned out in a short time. In addition to providing food supplies, they also provide school supplies and bibles to people in need.


If you would like to host a packing party at your place of business or church, the sponsorship cost is $65 per person. You can either arrange for this amount yourself or reach out to Feed the Hunger and offer your space for when they have sponsors looking to set up packing parties.


If you would like more information on how to volunteer or otherwise participate in a packing party, call 1-888-772-9634, email [email protected], or  visit: