Meet Houston Missions: Hope Impacts

In This episode of the Meet Houston Missions Podcast, Paul talks with Tina Hatcher, founder of Hope Impacts—a Katy Texas area mission aimed at helping people who have found themselves homeless with no support to get back on their feet. Hope Impacts does not provide shelter, but rather they provide for people’s basic needs from meals to showers to computer services to make the journey to getting back on their feet an easier path.

Hope Impacts also provides information regarding other missions that provide housing, rehab services, and other services that assist the homeless. Additionally, they have a van that picks up people from three locations around the Katy area and brings them to Hope Impacts for a hot meal or shower.

Tina Hatcher was moved to establish Hope Impacts after she found herself homeless and struggled to find resources and assistance to get back off the street.

How You Can Volunteer or Help

Hope Impacts has only 3 employees, everything they do requires volunteers. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, they offer Suppers and Showers, which require about 10 volunteers for food preparation and service.  Mondays and Wednesdays they offer Breakfast and Lunch which also requires volunteers. There is additionally always work that needs to be done and can place volunteers in various roles of all ages. They welcome church and civic groups to reach out to coordinate group volunteer days/events.

Fundraisers and Donations

Hope Impacts relies entirely upon fundraisers, donations, and grants to operate. Hope Impacts hosts an annual golf tournament as a fundraiser as well as smaller fundraisers during the year set up by individuals like you. If you would like to sponsor the tournament or join as a team, please visit the website for more information Donations may also be made directly via the website.

Location and Contact

Hope Impacts is located in Katy at 802 Dominion Dr. Ste. 900, Katy, TX 77450. The phone number is 713- 705-7884.