Meet Houston Missions: Mission Centers of Houston

Episode 9 of Meet Houston Missions features guest Jeff Chadwick, Executive Director of Mission Centers of Houston. Missions Centers of Houston is a nonprofit organization that began in 1962 to serve the physical and spiritual needs of economically challenged inner city Houston dwellers.

Mission Centers of Houston operate three centers, including the Gano Mission Center on the Northside of Houston and the Joy Mission Center on the Eastside of Houston. These missions include food pantries, clubs for children to get involved in after school and during the summers, adult bible study and ministry opportunities, free Christmas Stores, parenting classes, and English as Second Language courses. They also have the Fletcher Center which is primarily a housing space for missionaries.

Volunteer Opportunities

Missions Centers of Houston (MCH) has many volunteer opportunities year-round. The Centers are staffed by 5 full-time and 6 part-time employees as well as hundreds of volunteers.  Volunteers are needed to assist and operate the weekly clubs that serve 150 kids and 110 senior citizens.  The volunteer-operated food pantries provide food for over 2500 people and provide food and clothing for 130 homeless people. During the summer the number of children and youth served increases requiring 12 full-time summer interns and 150 to 200 youth volunteers.  MCH often partners with local churches and groups to operate the food pantry and assist with other services.

To apply to volunteer as a group or individually, please visit:


Mission Centers of Houston holds two major fundraisers annually.  These are the Barbecue, Boots & Boogie in January and the MCH Classic Golf Tournament in May. Please visit their website to learn how to participate.


The Gano Mission Center is located at 1815 Gano Street, Houston, Texas 77019. The Joy Mission Center is located at 7629 Avenue F, Houston, Texas 77012. Information pertaining to both may be obtained by visiting the website at

Contact numbers:

Gano Mission Center: 713-227-1146

Joy Mission Center 713-921-0197

Administration: 713 227-0304


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