What Future Damages are Available after a Catastrophic Injury?

man with questionsA catastrophic injury is often costly and radically alters a person’s life for years to come or permanently. In cases where a person or company’s negligence causes an otherwise preventable catastrophic accident, a skilled personal injury attorney can help the injured party understand what damages may be available in their case.

The damages available in most personal injury claims often cover things like medical costs, lost wages, and even pain and suffering, but additional damages may be available in catastrophic injury cases to cover an injured person’s future losses. It takes a skilled attorney to demonstrate an injured person’s estimated future damages during a catastrophic injury case in Houston.

What Types of Future Damages Can be Recovered after a Catastrophic Injury?

In many cases, a catastrophic injury will require future or even life-long medical care, which can be exponentially costly. While it is usually easy to calculate an injured party’s medical bills for a settlement or civil trial, estimating how much a catastrophically injured party should receive for future medical costs is more complicated.

A catastrophic injury might also render a person unable to work in the field they were employed in before their injury, or in any field. An attorney can help advocate for a catastrophically injured person’s right to recover compensation for their future lost earnings and diminished earning capacity. Even future pain and suffering can be taken into account when considering future damages in a Houston catastrophic injury case.

How Are Future Damages Calculated?

As noted above, calculating future damages can be tricky. Whereas detailed records and a calculator are sufficient for determining past damages, estimating a catastrophically injured person’s future damages requires foresight.

In many cases, an injured party and their lawyer must rely on medical experts to testify about how much the claimant can expect to pay in medical bills in the near future or over the course of their life, depending on how severely they are injured. If a person is no longer able to work in their field or at all after a catastrophic injury, a vocational expert can help determine how much money they are going to be missing out on as a result. Lifecare planners are also experts commonly used to establish future losses ranging from medical costs to lifestyle adjustments and needs.

How Can a Houston Lawyer Help Determine what Future Damages May be Available after a Catastrophic Injury?

If you have been seriously injured and believe another party is liable for your losses, a lawyer at our firm can help determine what future damages may be available in your catastrophic injury case. Our experienced attorneys can deal with insurance companies on your behalf and make sure your case is documented for both past and future losses.

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