Hernia Mesh Litigation Update: Atrium Medical Corp.’s 66 Million Dollar Settlement

Atrium Hernia Mesh Settlement Update

On December 6, 2021, Atrium Medical Corp. became the latest company to enter into a hernia mesh settlement. Getinge Group, the parent of Atrium Medical Corporation, announced that it would pay 66 million to settle over 3000 claims that its C-QUR hernia mesh caused serious injury to patients receiving the mesh implantation. Attorneys for the injured claimants requested that the Judge appoint someone to oversee the collection of the money as well as allocate, and disburse the settlement proceeds in relation to the 66 million dollar hernia mesh settlement.

Background on the Atrium Hernia Mesh

Atrium’s C-QUR Mesh is made of polypropylene and coated in an Omega 3 gel which was supposed to aid in the healing process (over other mesh coatings) as well as reduce the risk of attachment to the tissue around internal organs. Unfortunately, the mesh did not provide the benefits anticipated, and, in fact, would at times come off during the implant surgery. Claimants alleged a wide range of injuries including, allergic reaction, infection, pain, migration, and perforation of organs, and rejection of the implanted mesh by the body.

Other Atrium Mesh Litigation

The 66 Million dollar mesh settlement still must be approved by the Court and sufficient claimants must sign off to make it happen. However, assuming this settlement stands, Atrium will still not be entirely free and clear of mesh lawsuit woes. Atrium currently faces lawsuits over two other hernia mesh products–ProLite and ProLoop.

Update on Other Mesh Cases

There are still thousands of hernia mesh lawsuits pending against manufacturers C.R. Bard and Ethicon (Johnson & Johnson) in a federal MDL.  On December 12th, 2021, a bellwether trial against C.R. Bard resulted in a defense verdict. More bellwether trials are scheduled for the future.

If you have been injured due to hernia mesh migration, reattachment, and/or perforation, talk to a hernia mesh lawyer to learn your rights. You may be entitled to legal recourse and legal compensation for your damages.