Akita Attacks

Akitas, to their owners, are often loving and playful pets. However, Akitas have gotten a bad reputation because of their ability to cause harm. One source reports that Akitas have a bite force of 300 to 400 PSI, which can cause significant damage to humans or other animals. Despite having a strong bite, Akita attacks on humans are very infrequent. In fact, studies by Express Legal Funding have found that between September 1982 and December 31, 2021, Akitas accounted for 89 attacks, 9 of which resulted in death. Of the 89 victims, 54 of them were children. Many attacks involving children result from a lack of supervision by the dog owner which results in children not behaving properly toward the dog and getting snapped at or bitten.

When an owner fails to train and socialize the dog with people and other dogs, it can become an aggressive dog, particularly toward strangers. If you or a loved one have been injured in an Akita attack, you must contact a Texas dog bite lawyer to learn about your rights as a victim. At Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., our attorneys are knowledgeable in dog bite law and can talk to you about your options under the law. For a free consultation, call us at (713)-932-0777.

Akita Background

an akitaAkitas are large-sized dogs that can range anywhere from 24 to 28 inches tall. They are recognizable by their thick white or brown coats, upright curled tails, small, pointed ears, and thick necks. The breed dates back to the early 1900s in Japan, where they were bred to be used as guard dogs for royalty and nobility. Later, Akitas were employed as hunting and fighting dogs and became known as a symbol of protection and prosperity in Japan. They have also been used for police and guard work. Akitas tend to have a strong-willed temperament and can be very territorial with the people they love. Due to their territorial nature, Akitas are often stereotyped as aggressive dogs. However, an Akita’s aggression has much more to do with having a negligent owner than being an aggressive dog.

Despite being stereotyped as aggressive, Akitas are common family pets because they are loyal, affectionate, and playful. With proper training, Akitas can be obedient and friendly pets. However, if not adequately trained, Akitas can be stubborn and prone to aggression when strangers or new people come to visit. Additionally, because Akitas are very territorial, they tend not to like having other pets in the house. Other pets and even small children can draw attention away from the Akita, which, when not properly trained, can make the Akita jealous and possibly lead to an attack. It can also make them overprotective of their food dish and their toys—even when it is a human interacting with them. This can be very dangerous with newborns and young toddlers in the house whom the dog may see as competition for attention anyway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Akitas Dangerous?

While they can make great pets and guard dogs, Akitas can become dangerous if they are improperly trained. Akitas can be very strong-willed and tend to act independently when they do not have proper training. With proper training, Akitas can become very obedient and lovable dogs. If untrained, an owner’s negligence can turn into a catastrophic situation for strangers and new family members alike.

What if I Was Bitten by an Akita That Escaped Their Home?

If you are bitten by an Akita or any other dog that has escaped from their home, you should report the incident to animal control as soon as possible. In this case, the negligent dog owner is still responsible for the incident. If you do not know who the dog’s owner is, you should give animal control a description of the dog so they can try to locate the dog and its owner. If animal control is able to locate the dog and reports that it has not previously attacked anyone else, the owner may still be held liable under a negligent handling cause of action. If animal control cannot locate the dog, you need to get tested for rabies as soon as possible.

Will Animal Control Take My Akita Because it Bit Someone?

When animal control is contacted as a result of your dog biting someone, your dog will need to be taken for a 10-day quarantine period while animal control records the case and monitors the dog for signs of rabies. In most cases, after the 10-day quarantine period, you will be able to pick up your dog unless animal control has determined that there needs to be a dangerous dog case. If Animal Control determines that they need to move forward with a dangerous dog case, there will be a court hearing to determine whether the dog fits the dangerous dog requirements.

How Can I Hold an Owner Liable After a Dog Bite?

An owner can be held liable for their dogs’ actions under the One Bite Rule. The One Bite Rule states that dog owners can be held liable for their dog’s aggressive acts only after the owner has been given reason to know that the dog has aggressive tendencies. If the dog has never bitten, the owner has no duty to anticipate the first attack, so the first bite gets a pass.

If the One Bite Rule does not apply, the owner may be held liable under a negligent handling cause of action. Under negligent handling, there is a statement of legal principles called the Restatement of Torts 518, which states that an owner who possesses an animal they have no reason to be abnormally dangerous is subject to liability for harm done by the animal if he is negligent in failing to prevent the harm. For instance, if the dog is injured or recently gave birth, the owner should keep strangers away because the dog may be extra sensitive or more protective than usual. In both of these instances, the dog has not shown previous signs of aggression; however, due to the circumstances, the dog may become aggressive. Thus, it is the owner’s duty to prevent these instances from happening.

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